I Got Tickets to See Overwatch League in Toronto!

Next year, Overwatch League will be taking its show on the road, and my brother and I will be there! We got our tickets to their April home stand and I’m pumped!

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A Day at the Pretty Heroes Convention in Toronto

Originating as a Sailor Moon convention years ago, Pretty Heroes in Toronto has expanded in size and scope. More fandoms are represented, though Sailor Moon is still the star of the show. The convention has moved to a larger venue just east of the downtown core. And it’s also the first year my wife and I were in attendance!

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A Return to Woodbine Centre

During my formative years, the Woodbine Centre mall just outside of Toronto was the most magical place on Earth. Featuring an amusement park inside, I loved playing in the ball pit, sliding down the tall slide that starts three stories up, and riding on the park’s iconic carousel. Had to ride the horses that bobbed up and down, of course.

As a kid, my mom took night school courses in the area for a few years. Because the timing didn’t work out for my dad, brother, and I to go home, we hung out at Woodbine Centre instead. My brother was peak age for the amusement park, while we both got a kick out of playing at the arcade. This arcade is where I got my first taste of such classics as Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, and NBA Jam.

Since those days of making regular visits, I’ve seldom returned. I’m rarely in the area and haven’t had a reason to go back. That is, until the mall’s Baskin Robbins got converted to Scoops Ahoy for a limited time. Re-themed to match the look of the ice cream shop prominently featured in Stranger Things 3, my wife and I made a visit to the mall that was a pivotal piece of my childhood.

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Game X 3.0 Recap

Over the weekend, Steff and I attended the Game X convention. Taking place just west of Toronto in a hotel ballroom, it was the first convention I’ve been to that was dedicated solely to video games. Let me give you a peek at what you missed!

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Extra Life: More Than a Game

Last week, I attended the Extra Life Toronto Guild Kickoff Meeting at SickKids Hospital. With dozens of gamers in attendance, the staff at Sick Kids and the Extra Life Toronto Guild gave us an inspiring presentation that demonstrated how important our fundraising efforts are. It served as a wonderful reminder that video games and our interactions with them can mean so much more than just the immediate gratification we get from playing them.

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Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Vaughan Mills Mall

On November 4th, 2004, Vaughan Mills Mall opened its doors to the public. Located just across the street from Canada’s Wonderland, this shopping centre features hundreds of stores, a Legoland park and even a bowling alley. It’s a great place for shopping, but how is the Pokemon Go scene over there?

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Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Pearson International Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport is gateway to the city. Thousands of people fly in every day from the world over. If you’re from outside of North America, the urge might be high to pull out Pokemon Go and catch a Tauros before you even leave the airport. Well, it might technically be possible, but don’t hold your breath.

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Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Queen’s Park

Opened in 1860, Queen’s Park was named after Queen Victoria. This park in the city is home to the Ontario Legislative Assembly, as well as the University of Toronto. Even if you’re not a student or a member of the government, you’ll want to visit the grounds to check out all of the statues and play some Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Ajax Waterfront Park

Located 50km away from the downtown core, Ajax Waterfront Park isn’t exactly Toronto. While you can take public transportation to get there, it is kind of a pain unless you have a car. Thankfully, the trek is worth it. You’ll get a gorgeous view of Lake Ontario, large fields to host a picnic, a long bike trail along the water, and quite possibly the best Pokemon Go lures that the province has to offer.

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Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Gage Park

Admittedly, I’m stretching the definition of Toronto here. If you leave Toronto proper and head north on the 410, you’ll eventually reach Gage park in downtown Brampton. Besides Brampton being technically a city that is part of the Greater Toronto Area, it’s also a city I hold near and dear.

Growing up, Gage Park was that pretty little area with the gazebo that no one ever went to. Since the release of Pokemon Go, it’s become the heart of Pokemon action in the city. Why?

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