Arcade Week | Pinball is Alive and Well at Tilt Toronto

Arcade Week concludes at In Third Person! Let’s end the series with a spotlight on one of the coolest gaming spots in Toronto! Maybe I’ll see you there someday!

By the time I started visiting arcades in the late 80s and early 90s, pinball machines were already on the decline. Losing ground to arcade video games and other amusement games, they were basically extinct by the time I was tall enough to see the boards.

Finding a pinball machine in the wild these days is tough, but Tilt in Toronto is doing the world a favour by keeping pinball gaming alive.

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Arcade Week | My Most Embarrassing Moment at the Arcade

Arcade Week continues! Can’t believe I’m sharing this story with the internet…

Flashback to the summer of 1998. 13 years young, out with my friend John at the local arcade. We were playing billiards when a group of girls approached us.

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Arcade Week | Favourite Amusement Games

Arcade Week continues! Today, we take a look at some of the games that aren’t video games or pinball machines.

The arcade is home to many different kinds of games. I gravitate towards video games and pinball machines, but there are other other attractions at most arcades to keep one entertained. Here are a few of my faves!

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Arcade Week | Street Fighter and Being the King of the Arcade

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Arcade Week continues! Online play is great, but there’s nothing quite like playing Street Fighter in the arcade!

Traditional arcades may be long gone, but a few times a year, I’ll stumble upon a Street Fighter arcade machine at a convention or other public establishment. Whenever I see one, I always make it a point to play it for the novelty, but my hype levels go through the roof every time there’s a random stranger on the other end ready to battle. These days, it’s my goal to stomp out every one I play against at the arcade as a petty means of reparations for all the losses I took as a kid.

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Arcade Week | The First Arcade Game I Ever Beat

Arcade Week begins on In Third Person! Many of us have played games in the arcade before. But have you actually beaten one? If so, how much did you pay to see the credits roll?

Arcade games are designed to provide bursts of thrills that suck as much money out of you as fast as possible. Due to the economic realities that come with trying to play any arcade game to completion, I simply didn’t. But there was one day in high school where my friends and I did.

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Arcade Week Begins at In Third Person!

Quarter up!

This week, we’re going to the arcade! Starting tomorrow and running through the week, join me for a series of posts starting relating to the arcade experience! We’ll cover some of my favourite amusement games, anecdotal stories of gaming excellence/embarrassment, and a look at one of the coolest arcades you can visit in Toronto right now! Come back tomorrow for all of the arcade action!

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire Showed Me How Cool VR Can Be

From the blocky pixels of Star Wars on the Atari 2600, to the large-scale combat of Star Wars: Battlefront 2, video games have continually evolved in order to bring players closer to the action. Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is a VR experience that raises the bar for immersion to an all-time high.

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Capcom Reveals its 16-in-1 Capcom Home Arcade Plug-and-Play Arcade Stick

Capcom is taking a different approach to the plug-and-play retro console.

Housed within a 22cm x 747m x 11cm unit with two built-in arcade sticks, the Capcom Home Arcade plugs directly into your TV while giving you the opportunity to experience some of Capcom’s arcade classics.

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Street Fighter Week | How Street Fighter II Changed the Game Forever

Street Fighter Week begins on In Third Person! We begin with the game that changed everything: Street Fighter II!

The original Street Fighter sucked. Street Fighter II is one of the greatest video games of all-time. The turnaround between the two products is down-right fierce (see what I did there?). What changed between the two titles to make the latter a meteoric success? Let’s run down a list of factors that contributed to the rise of Street Fighter II!

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Blade Strangers – Shovel Knight Arcade Mode Playthrough

Shovel Knight breaks out of his 8-bit world to star in the anime crossover fighting game Blade Strangers! Watch him fight his way up the arcade mode ladder! Full review coming soon!

Also, here’s a bonus highlight of a viewer sharing their love story!

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