Onto the next one…

A little while back, I completed New Super Mario Bros. U in a series of live streams. Beating the game was never part of the plan. However, after that first stream, we were almost half way through and I was having a lot of fun. It was a rare moment for me, as I don’t really take the time to go back and revisit old games.

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Super Mario Super Stream featuring New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Mario 3D World

Two Super Mario games for the price of one! We start the stream by closing out New Super Mario Bros. U once and for all. Then we play a little bit of Super Mario 3D World! During the stream, we also discuss our picks for best and worst Super Mario power-ups!

My New Super Mario Bros. U Adventure Continues!

Caught by surprise by how much I enjoyed New Super Mario Bros U. the other day, we continue our quest through the game! My favourite level, Painted Swampland, also makes an appearance!

No Peachette. No Bowsette. No Problem! Jett Plays New Super Mario Bros. U!

Peachette will be in the Switch port of New Super Mario Bros. U coming in January 2019 and Bowsette may not see the light of day beyond the flood of art, memes, and cosplay. That’s not gonna stop me from giving New Super Mario Bros. U another go! Shoutouts to Twitter user @ayyk92 for the art and concept!

New Super Mario Bros. U Review

At what point does the ‘new’ in New Super Mario Bros. U become false advertising? This is the 4th New Super Mario Bros. game in the sub-series and the 2nd one to hit this year. Does the world really need any more of this style of Mario game? I guess as long as they continue to be quality products, the volume of releases doesn’t matter.

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