Life Is Strange: Before the Storm’s Bonus “Farewell” Episode Ripped My Heart Out Of My Chest (SPOILERS)

(Spoilers ahead!)

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Life is Strange: Before The Storm Review

Before Max returned to Arcadia Bay, there was the dynamic duo of Chloe and Rachel. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a three-episode prequel set during their heyday as friends. As much as I enjoyed the previous game, there appeared to be a lot going against this one.

Set in Arcadia Bay while Max was off in Seattle, it appeared that the game’s core mechanic of time travel wouldn’t be present. Also, the studio behind the original game was off elsewhere, while a different team created Before the Storm. On top of that, the original voice of Chloe, Ashley Burch, was unable to reprise her role due to the actor’s strike at the time of development. Was this poised to be a disaster?

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