It’s Valentine’s Day! Here are some of my favourite love songs!

I don’t talk about this much here, but I’m the biggest sucker for love songs. Even before I got to an age where my voice started to change, they always struck a chord in my soul to the point where they might have actually had a negative effect on my development as an human being. To this day, I have sappy tendencies and love songs will always illicit a strong reaction from me.

Since today is Valentine’s Day, and I don’t feel like making gaming-related content to celebrate it, let’s talk about love songs instead! It was going to be a list of five, but I couldn’t help myself and I added a few more. Here are a few that always get me in my feelings!

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On the Move!

Behind the scenes, my wife and I have been working hard on moving from our current residence to the one we own now: a house! We’re excited for our new home and all the change that comes with it. Lots to say about the matter in future posts!

Check Out My New Project: Jett’s Playlist!

I started a music blog!

Jett’s Playlist is my new home for all things related to music. While I am no stranger to bending the content strategy of this site to speak about things outside of gaming, I feel like I have a lot to say about one of my favourite interests that would throw off what I’ve built here.

If you have any interest in checking out my thoughts on music, head over to Jett’s Playlist now! Right now, there’s a piece where I rank the four pre-release songs from Taylor Swift’s latest album, Reputation. For content like this and more, join me on my new blog!

Achievement Unlocked: Got Married

Yesterday, the love of my life and I took each other’s hand in marriage. It was a magical day for us and one that will serve as the cornerstone for the rest our adventure together. Tomorrow, we’re jet-setting off to Hawaii for our honeymoon, which should be nothing short of spectacular!

As such, the blog is going to be a bit quiet for a bit till towards the end of the month. Yes, this means I’m going to miss the entirety of E3, which is kind of a bummer. That said, I’ve got more pressing things on the docket for that week.

There will still be some stuff, though the posts won’t come as frequently, nor will I be able to comment while I’m gone. However, things will get back to normal soon enough. Just let me enjoy this one break for a bit.


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That Time I Had an Apple Watch for Less Than 24 Hours Before it Broke

This one still stings.

Recently, a concerted effort was put forth by my family, friends and I to get me an Apple Watch for my birthday. As a sucker for Apple products and as someone who is highly prone to splurging on big ticket items on my birthday, this seemed inevitable. For the first night, I was very excited to explore all of the nuances that make this device tick (pun intended).

As part of this exploration process, I decided to unpair it from my phone. Displayed on my screen was a message that read something like, “This may take a while.” Little did I know that it would take much more than a while. When the process seemingly completed, the watch turned off. Holding the power button, it simply refused to move past the Apple logo. Knowing something was wrong, I hurriedly took it to the Apple store close to my work.

The good news is that Apple will take care of me for free and I’ll have a fixed or new watch. The bad news is that I’m watch-less for a few weeks and now have to live with the fear of bricking this thing again. Steff thinks I shouldn’t have tried to unpair it while on the subway, since I didn’t have access to a steady internet connection. There may be some truth to that, though I would like to believe that Apple would have considered this scenario in the design process.

From my research, this particular problem hasn’t been reported by anyone else, though I have my suspicions as to what happened. During the unpairing phase, the watch makes a back-up of its data on the phone. I’m guessing that this process failed, taking everything with it, including all of the data required to boot up. Something similar happened to me years ago with my iPod Nano, as a failed firmware update bricked that minutes after taking it home from the store. Maybe I should reconsider my fandom for a company whose hardware track record has been spotty with me at times, from the Nano incident, to an iPhone 4 with screen damage under the glass as soon as I opened it, and now this.

Was hoping to publish a review on the Apple Watch, but that’s obviously going to have to wait. You better believe though that this incident will show up in my final verdict. Fingers crossed for the rest of you Apple Watch owners that you won’t suffer the same fate!


Time to Suit Up: Raptors vs. Wizards in the 2015 NBA Playoffs

It’s been a season filled with highs and lows for the Toronto Raptors and their fans (me). Regardless of how rocky they were towards the back half of the year, the Raptors make their return to the playoffs to square off against the Washington Wizards in round 1. I know that the Raps have fared very well against the Wiz over the last few years, though I’m not ready to count out all-star point guard John Wall and grizzled veteran Paul Pierce just yet.

Steff and I were lucky enough to snag tickets for game 1, so we’ll be cheering our lungs out at the Air Canada Centre today. For the rest of the playoffs, we’ll probably still be cheering our lungs out, either from home or with the thousands congregating at “Jurassic Park” in front of the arena. Regardless of who you’re cheering for, I hope you enjoy this year’s NBA playoffs!

Also, let’s go Raptors!

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Off-Topic: The Long Road to Financial Recovery (Part 2 of 2)

In the first part of this series, I talked about my recent financial struggles and my plan to fix things. Now that a full month has passed with these initiatives in place, I can take some time to review how successful it actually was.

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Off-Topic: The Long Road to Financial Recovery (Part 1 of 2)

Personal finances have been a concern of mine for quite some time. I’ve fretted for years about the way in which money has freely flown out of my bank account, but didn’t really make the effort to stop that from happening. In hindsight, I also could have done much more in terms of saving money for the future.

Instead, I am where I am, and where I am could be a lot better. I still have steady work and I make more money than I ever have in my life. This I acknowledge and am grateful for. However, my expenses are also at an all-time high, and that’s before factoring in a wedding. Savings? I have one, though it’s a far cry from being useful in terms of paying for this wedding or making a down payment on the house. About a month ago, after a culmination of life circumstances put me in a real jam, I finally decided to take an active role in making things right.

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Off-Topic: Tip the Scale

About a year ago, I was standing on the outdoor scale at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. As someone who hadn’t stepped on one in a very long time, those rising numbers came up and smacked me like an uppercut to the chin. I know I hadn’t done anything to keep that number down, but having the number be that high and exposed in a public venue like that was a certainly a wake-up call.

Though I sat on my butt for far too long, I finally found the motivation to do something about it. It’s been over a month since I started hitting the gym and I definitely feel better. I’m better able to withstand the stresses that come with this cardio-focused workout. Strictly from a visual perspective, I think that my face and my gut are less pronounced than they used to be as well. Having recently stepped on the scale, the results caught me off guard.

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