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November 12, 2017 / Jett

Top 5 Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey

Part of what makes Super Mario Odyssey so great is that it takes Mario through a slew of foreign lands. Each Kingdom has a life of its own, from its unique art style, to the adventures that our portly plumber will embark on. Here’s a list of my favourites!

NOTE: If you’re sensitive to spoilers, come back later when you’ve completed the game!

5. Mushroom Kingdom

Towards the latter half of the main story, I stumbled upon a warp painting that completely took me aback. Not knowing this was in the game, I audibly screamed at my TV when I found myself standing in the Mushroom Kingdom. Once you beat the game, you get a chance to explore it yourself. This one scores a ton of bonus points for hitting the nostalgia button pretty hard, from being able to drain the moat, to finding Yoshi at the top of the castle, to being able to jump into paintings to take on harder versions of the bosses. However, it could have been even higher had more of the level’s moons not come from talking to Toadette to collect your achievement-based moons.

4. Moon Kingdom

After chasing Bowser across the globe, the main story fittingly ends on the only logical final destination: the moon! Unlike Mario’s previous adventures in outer space, you get to play as him in a low-gravity environment, allowing you to enjoy Mario’s agility in new ways. Combine that with the epic finale where Mario transforms into Bowser, and you have one of the best conclusions to a Mario game ever!

3. Bowser’s Kingdom

Usually confined to European-styled castles, Bowser’s Kingdom takes heavy cues from Feudal Japan for one of the coolest looking levels in the game. It’s quite the challenge to get to the top, as there’s a heavy emphasis on vertical platforming. However, it’s a joy to climb, as you get to transform as Pokio, a bird with an extending beak that can pierce walls and use its beak to launch itself upwards. This would have been a perfectly good place to end the game had it not gone one step further.

2. Wooded Kingdom

Early in Mario’s adventure, he stumbles upon one of the coolest areas of the game. This forest-themed Kingdom makes great use of its transformations, where you turn into a tank to shoot blocks or shape-shift into an onion that can stretch its “legs” for high jumps. There’s a fluidity to the level that just makes it a pleasure to explore. Best of all, there’s a secret area that you might have stumbled upon that is creepy and surprising.

1. Metro Kingdom

Prominently featured in the game’s advertising, New Donk City is the perfect example for what Super Mario Odyssey is about. What’s more alien than taking Mario to a close approximation of the real world with regularly proportioned humans? Beyond the shock factor, the wonderful level design gives you so many opportunities to scale to new heights or engage with something you haven’t done before in a Mario game. The icing on the cake is probably is the ending of the level, which features a city-wide celebration that is as joyous as anything you’ve played in quite some time.

That’s my list! What are your favourite Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey?

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