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July 23, 2017 / Jett

Nintendo 64 Classic Mini on the Way?

Nintendo has recently filed trademark applications in Europe for a number of different things, including the Nintendo 64 controller. Odd choice, as the system has been long dead. Unless…it’s set for a resurrection. Business Insider, among others, are speculating that this move coincides with Nintendo’s plans for a Nintendo 64 Classic. While I’ll be first in line if such a device were to exist, but there seems to be a number of logistical issues that Nintendo would need to work through to make this happen.

The controller situation

Pioneer of the mass-market analog stick and trigger buttons, the Nintendo 64 shouldn’t be remembered solely for its faults. However, it has many faults, from its confusing three-pronged design, to the lack of a 2nd analog stick, to the one analog stick on the controller grinding into dust within a matter of months. While I understand the appeal of releasing the console with a 100% accurate controller, I think that could be a big mistake in this specific instance due to the issues with the original design.

Logistically, there are a few other matters that need to be addressed. How many controllers will the console come with? The NES Classic came with one and the SNES Classic came with two. We can’t expect a rumored Nintendo 64 Classic to come with four, right? Is it too much to ask for two? Are they going to release additional controllers in at least some of the cool colours that were released back in the day?

Price and package

With the SNES Classic clocking in at $80 USD, how much can we expect for a Nintendo 64 Classic? Based on eShop pricing, we already know that Nintendo values the Nintendo 64 games higher than the SNES games in terms of retail price. Furthermore, we have to figure out how many controllers are going to be in this box.

Fully speculating here, but I don’t think Nintendo can go higher than $100 for the box. Does that get us 20 games and one controller? Two controllers and 15 games? Some other combination of games and controllers?


One of the most prolific developers during the Nintendo 64 era, Rare was eventually sold to Microsoft. This leaves a number of the console’s best games in limbo, from Goldeneye, to Banjo-Kazooie, to Diddy Kong Racing among many others. While I think it’s still feasible to make a Nintendo 64 Classic without the Rare games, it would be a huge hole in the lineup to exclude these games. Goldeneye is probably unreachable anyway due to the additional license holders, but this console needs to find a way to get at least Perfect Dark on there.

I admit, I didn’t think we’d be having this conversation in earnest. The concept of a Nintendo 64 Classic sounds great on paper, but the logistical nightmare of bringing it together, along with what is presumably a much smaller target audience make this a difficult proposition for me to see coming to life. Then again, if the trademark filings mean anything – and they did when Nintendo filed its trademarks for the Super Nintendo controller before unveiling the SNES Classic – we may get to see this thing come to fruition after all.

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