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July 11, 2017 / Jett

NBA Playgrounds FINALLY Gets Patched on the Nintendo Switch

NBA Playgrounds launched in a rough state. Featuring blurry visuals in handheld mode and a confusing shooting system while lacking online play, the game fell short of rekindling the NBA Jam fire. Not all hope was lost when developer Saber Interactive promised a patch that would magically fix everything. Unfortunately for Switch owners, the patch just arrived, months after the fact.

The wait has been terrible. I’m guessing by this point, everyone who bought the game has moved on. But maybe this patch will at least give those players incentive to try it again. The game now looks a bit better in handheld mode, sports online play, and now has a shot meter to make it clear when you need to release the button in order to make the basket. Furthermore, accuracy has been tuned in order to make layups easier and 3-pointers harder.

At some point, I’ll stream this game again to show off the new updates. I might write some sort of impressions piece as well as a means of closing out my review. Not sure if I can recommend prospective buyers from jumping in now, but at the very least, fans who felt burned by NBA Playgrounds the first time around may finally get the game we were hoping for.

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