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June 10, 2017 / Jett

Batman: The Telltale Series Review

After the runaway success of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, the company continued their string of adventure games with Borderlands, Minecraft and Game of Thrones. This time, they head over to Gotham to tell a new story about the Caped Crusader. For years, we’ve played action games starring Batman. How does he fare in this story-driven format?

Things start off with a bang, as Batman cracks down on a robbery in progress. From there, the story takes an interesting twist that changes the balance from what you’d normally expect from a Batman video game. Instead of partaking in a non-stop punching fest, you spend ample time as Bruce Wayne. The game does a really good job of not only finding a balance between the two personalities, but it also makes the Bruce parts equally interesting, if not more so.

Another way that the game varies from your traditional Batman experience is that it earns the M rating on the box. Without going into too much people, this is a dark tale with intense violence, death and mature subject matter. This may not be the darkest Dark Knight story on record, but its certainly up there.

In terms of gameplay, this is running on the same engine that has powered Telltale’s titles since The Walking Dead. Most of the actions you’ll partake in come from selecting dialogue choices, quick time events for combat sequences and a bit of investigating, which is the only time you actually move Batman on screen. If you weren’t a fan of the general lack of input that this style of adventure game gives you, you still won’t like it here. However, I thought it works well for what its trying to do while minimizing the amount of clunky interface challenges that have plagued Telltale’s games in the past.

Placing Batman in the Telltale formula makes a lot of sense. Sure, I’m always up for a quality Arkham game, but taking the franchise into this format allows Telltale to make a game that feels more like the comics come to life. I enjoyed Batman: A Telltale Series and I hope to see the Dark Knight and other comic superheroes make the jump to this format.

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