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May 30, 2017 / Jett

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition is Headed to iOS This Summer

The Street Fighter IV series on iOS is actually legit. Featuring a smart control scheme that mapped special moves to a single button, players got a mobile-friendly version of the game while maintaining most of the game’s deep gameplay. However, after the 2011 release of Street Fighter IV Volt, Capcom simply left the series behind.

Until now. Gamespot reports that Street Fighter IV Champion Edition will come out on iOS this summer.

New to this entry is wide screen support for modern iOS devices, as well as three new characters: Poison, Ibuki and Dudley. Would like to have seen more characters added to the game after this six-year drought, but maybe this is just phase one of a bigger push. Of course, you can still play foes online, which greatly extended the life of the previous game.

Street Fighter IV on iOS was great. I played that game on my phone for years. But is this too little too late? Capcom abandoned the mobile FGC years ago and I’m not sure if there’s still a demand for it. Odds are I’ll still try it out, but I’m skeptical on whether Capcom let this one lay dormant for too long.

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