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May 29, 2017 / Jett

Marvel Legendary’s Upcoming X-Men Big Box Expansion

Admittedly, I’ve been out of the Marvel Legendary loop for quite some time. It’s been many months since I played it last and quite possibly years since I bought anything for the game. That being said, news of X-Men being the focus of the next big box expansion may bring me back into the fold.

All of the drama surrounding Marvel and Fox over movie rights spilled into the board game realm, which caused for the discontinuation of the Fantastic 4 expansion. While we’re still waiting for that situation to be resolved, glad to see that it at least no longer affects the role of X-Men in Marvel Legendary.

In terms of schemes, there are no shortage of X-Men story lines to draw from, such as the Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past and countless others. What I’m most curious to see is the lineup of heroes and villains. The series already has a bunch of X-Men in it, including many variations of Wolverine, so we’ll see who makes the cut.

What do you want to see out of an X-Men big box expansion for Marvel Legendary? This big box expansion is set for release on June 28, 2017!

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