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May 9, 2017 / Jett

Ed Revealed in Street Fighter V

Though news of Ed’s appearance as the next DLC character in Street Fighter V has been leaked on a number of fronts, he finally makes his formal debut in this trailer released by Capcom.

Having made his debut in Balrog’s Street Fighter IV ending as a kid, Ed is rapidly aging due to harnessing Psycho Power, hence why he looks like a full-grown adult now. Beyond having access to special energy, he’s trained under Balrog, giving him a boxing-style flair to his approach.

Ed looks awesome. Say what you will about his default costume, his fighting style looks like a blast to play as. Haven’t picked up Street Fighter V in quite some time, but this is a character that I definitely want to invest some time into.

For those who have access to the upcoming online beta, he will be playable this week. After that, he’ll be available in the near future. Get that fight money ready for one more cool character on the roster!

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