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January 29, 2017 / Jett

An In Third Person Video Show About Board Games?

epsiode-1-thumbnailFrom let’s plays, to combo videos, to talk shows about comic books, video content is something that I continue to experiment with on the site. It’s been a challenge navigating through a myriad of obstacles that come with creating video content, from coming up with good ideas, to finding the time to record, to learning how to edit video on the fly, as well as working within the technical limitations of my video setup. On February 5th, I’m going to launch my next video venture: a board game talk show.

Board Game Talk on is going to be a video platform for talking about games. It could be reviews, opinion pieces or lists, but the format is meant to be a bit more conversational in nature. A few episodes are already in the can and I’ll be making a few more in the background before formally launching the show.

Season 1 will launch of February 5th and it’ll be a weekly show with as many episodes as I have ready at that time. From there, I’ll review how everything went and make adjustments accordingly.

board-game-talk-episode-2-thumbnailI will be the first to tell you that the first episode is rough. The content is great, though some issues I ran into during the recording and production process made it a bit sloppy, though I tried my best to clean it up. Future episodes are much cleaner production-wise.

So far, I’m really happy with how the episodes are turning out. It’s the best video content I’ve created to-date. Hoping you feel that way too once you get a chance to see it. We’ll see how things go and hoping to continue making more episodes for you in the future.

Be on the lookout come February 5th!

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