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November 22, 2016 / Jett

Pokemon Go Gets a New Event and Major Balance Change

Yesterday was a huge day for Pokemon Go news. For one, we’re getting a double XP and double stardust event from November 23rd to 30th. Later on, we all freaked out when the CP values for all our pokemon changed because Niantic also pushed a balance patch. Let’s talk this through!

For starters (no pun intended), more events are a good thing. I’ll gladly take double XP and double stardust, as I got levels to climb and pokemon to power up. Will also try and make heavier use of lucky eggs during this period, as the XP gain should be quadruple. Now that I’m at level 33 and the cap is 1,000,000 XP (!), that extra XP is going to go a long way towards moving forward.

The bigger quality of life change to the game is the rebalancing of Combat Power. For a while now, players have complained that the formulas used to convert a pokemon’s stats into Pokemon Go favoured balanced attackers while hurting one-sided attackers such as Rhydon or Alakazam.

RhydonPost-update, every pokemon except for Lapras had its base stats adjusted. By the looks of it, Niantic has made changes to their calculations to no longer penalize specialized attackers while bringing a few balanced attackers back down to earth. You can find the full spreadsheet of changes here courtesy of u/Cshikage.

As a means of getting pokemon closer to how they actually fit within the world, this is a great step forward. It also has the pleasant side-effect of spicing up the gym meta-game. This opens up the door for more pokemon to be viable as attackers and defenders. I am bummed that Wigglytuff was nerfed really badly, but overall this makes my squad much better.

While players are still clamoring for a proper tracking solution, Niantic has really gone a long way towards improving the quality of life for Pokemon Go players. Combine these updates with some of the big shifts that have occurred in the past few months and this game is well on its way to turning the corner. Keep up the good work Niantic!

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