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November 5, 2016 / Jett

Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Ajax Waterfront Park

Located 50km away from the downtown core, Ajax Waterfront Park isn’t exactly Toronto. While you can take public transportation to get there, it is kind of a pain unless you have a car. Thankfully, the trek is worth it. You’ll get a gorgeous view of Lake Ontario, large fields to host a picnic, a long bike trail along the water, and quite possibly the best Pokemon Go lures that the province has to offer.

ajax-waterfront-park-pokemon-goWhat makes the park so special for pokemon are the five lures by the war memorial. Two of the lures are on the west side by the water, while another three are in the memorial itself. When you’re there, you’re going to want to walk between these two sets of lures.

Unlike most of Ontario, which is primarily a home for bug and grass pokemon, these lures spit out a heavy dose of ground, fire, and rock pokemon. During our 4-hour visit there, we caught a number of Ponyta, Sandshrew, Ekans, Diglett, Kabuto and more. Heck, we even saw a Magmar and two Ninetails appear from the lures!

Ajax Waterfront Pokemon Go NinetailsBeyond that, the lures spawn a large variety of great pokemon of all sorts. You’ll be disappointed if you’re looking to farm Pidgeys, but during our trip, we caught multiple Pikachus, Bulbasaurs, Squirtles, Abras, Voltorbs and many more. In terms of variety, nothing in Ontario can beat the Ajax Waterfront at the moment.

Based on my experience there, as well as stories I’ve heard from others, you’ll also find a large and friendly community of players gathered there. It’s very cool to see the diehard players with their lawn chairs out playing alongside of parents with their kids and seniors playing on their own. They even yell out to others when a good pokemon appears nearby.

Ajax Waterfront Pokemon GoEven in its prime, the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal would have had a hard time beating the Ajax Waterfront in terms of quality pokemon. Those lures drop so much good stuff compared to just about any other lures in the province that it’s no wonder hundreds of players congregate there every day. Getting out there is going to be a challenge for many, but the trip is so worth it.

P.S. – While the park does have bathrooms nearby, there are no other amenities, such as food. Come prepared with a chair if you’re going to play a while, battery packs, snacks, friends, and anything else you might need to keep you comfy for a long and fruitful day of pokemon hunting!

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