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October 20, 2016 / Jett

Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Gage Park

Admittedly, I’m stretching the definition of Toronto here. If you leave Toronto proper and head north on the 410, you’ll eventually reach Gage park in downtown Brampton. Besides Brampton being technically a city that is part of the Greater Toronto Area, it’s also a city I hold near and dear.

Growing up, Gage Park was that pretty little area with the gazebo that no one ever went to. Since the release of Pokemon Go, it’s become the heart of Pokemon action in the city. Why?

When it comes to spawns, they’re actually pretty poor. There’s one or two spots where pokemon will show up, and they’re usually not good. However, that’s not why people go to Gage Park at all hours to hunt.

Gage Park Pokemon GoWhat makes it unique in the city is that it has six PokeStops that are relatively close together. At least three of the PokeStops are lured all the time, as players love to sit at the picnic tables in the middle to reap the benefits of all three lures going at once. When all of the stops are going, you can walk a nice little loop around the park, reloading on PokeBalls and catching pokemon as they arise.

In terms of volume of pokemon you’ll catch, as well as PokeStops in the rest of downtown Brampton, you can’t beat Gage Park. That being said, if you don’t live in the city, it’s not necessarily worth making the pilgrimage for unless you have another reason to go. Brampton isn’t really a tourist hot spot, but you could visit Gage Park prior to a show at the Rose Theatre, located just across the street. Between those two, that would make for a great evening excursion.

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