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October 17, 2016 / Jett

Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Sunnybrook Park

Sunnybrook ParkLocated just steps away from Drake’s upcoming Toronto mansion, Sunnybrook Park is located in an upscale neighbourhood. Besides being home to picnic areas, it also features a world class cricket field and a horse stable. Though I’ve lived in the Greater Toronto Area for my entire life, I did not set foot in this park until it became one of the hottest nests in the city.

Sunnybrook Park Abra Nest

The next actually stretches beyond Sunnybrook Park proper. To the south east, some nest pokemon will appear in Serena Gundy Park, which is accessible via walking paths and roads. Way to the east, nest pokemon will appear all the way out to Bayview, though there isn’t really any way of getting to them unless you jump a river and head into uncharted territory. These pokemon will also stretch as north as the Toronto Botanical Gardens, which you won’t be able to access unless you leave the park. We’re going to concentrate on the main park itself, within the bounds of the C-shaped main road.

Nest pokemon will spawn along the C-shaped main road. They spawn often, which means you’ll be scrambling a lot to catch them all. If you’re in a car, you can make it from end-to-end fairly quickly. If you’re not in a car, concentrate on the south end, as the highest concentration of pokemon will appear there. While it is a park and traffic is slow to begin with, drive safe! And don’t Pokemon Go and drive. It’s the worst.

Pokemon Go Sunnybrook ParkA few pokemon along the north east and north west ends aren’t accessible by car. If you’re chasing the ones on the west, there’s a large parking lot where you can leave your car behind for a bit. Be careful though for the pokemon on the east end. Many are in the forest, which is unlit and features a large and fast river running through it. You probably don’t want to go to this part of the park alone, especially at night. Also, with no bridges to cross the river, please don’t try and jump over it.

While farming for pokemon is either going to take a car or a lot of legwork at Sunnybrook Park, the frequency of the spawns makes it worth it. During the 2.5 hours I spent farming for Abras, I caught 26 of them. If it weren’t for their insanely high escape rate, I would have come home with more. If you’re in need of whatever pokemon is nesting there, it’s certainly worth the pilgrimage. Just don’t do anything weird at Drake’s house.


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