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October 3, 2016 / Jett

Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Moss Park

Located just east of the downtown core, Moss Park was once the industrial heart of Toronto. In the 1960s, work began to convert this area into housing project with a large park and community centre. Today, the community centre is still there, along with a baseball diamond and tennis courts.

While the Moss Park Armoury resides just east of the park, it’s not exactly a tourist attraction. Heck, many locals actively avoid the park, as it has a reputation of being one of the sketchiest areas in the city. However, if you’re an active Pokemon Go player, you might want to bring a friend in the day time and take advantage of one of the most active nests in the area.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of nests in Pokemon Go, I’ll quickly explain that now. A nest is an area that repeatedly spawns one specific type of pokemon. For example, a local park might repeatedly spawn Pikachus throughout the day. Nests never spawn the evolutions of pokemon and they appear to reset on a monthly basis.

Pokemon Go Moss ParkOver the first three months of the game’s life, Moss Park has been the nest of Abra and Mankey. Currently, it’s the nest of Growlithe, a pokemon that rarely shows up in this region. Regardless of what pokemon it’s hosting, it spits them out in droves. You can go to Moss Park at almost any time of the day and get at least one of the pokemon you’re looking for immediately. At times, you can even get three-to-four of that particular pokemon at once, then wait a few minutes for even more to spawn. As a nest, it is arguably the most active in the city.

While it might be a great spot to farm a specific pokemon, it’s really not a place you want to make yourself comfortable in. There are no shortage of shady characters that hang out there, especially at night. Don’t bother going at night.

Instead, bring a friend during the day; ideally one that also likes to play Pokemon Go. Where possible, catch the pokemon along the edges of the park from across the street, as you’ll still be in range of the pokemon on the borders. Also, the north end of the park is generally a safer space than the south end. Once you’ve gotten what you need, make your way out of there quickly.

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