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September 17, 2016 / Jett

Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Nathan Phillips Square

Attracting nearly 1.5 million visitors every year, Nathan Phillips Square is Canada’s largest city square. As a tourist, you’ll want to come by and see our unique city hall building to the north, which was actually featured in the movie Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Getting your picture in front of the now-iconic Toronto sign should also be in your list of to-dos. If you’re there in the winter, bring a pair of skates, as the pond is frozen over for skating.

As a Pokemon Go player, it’s also a solid, and quite possibly underrated, place to visit.

Generally, Nathan Phillips Square is home to water pokemon due to the large pool in the middle. If you’re not close to the waterfront, this is a okay substitution for catching Magikarps and Poliwags among other species. I also find that the random drops here can be pretty good, as I’ve caught everything from Mankey, to Dratini, to Koffing here.

Nathan Phillips Square Pokemon GoIf you need to load up, there are about six PokeStops around the main square. There’s also a gym inside city hall if you feel like throwing down, though you probably won’t hold it for long.

Besides being a generally good spot for water and other types of pokemon, it’s also a short walk between a few nests. To the east is Osgood Hall, where the front and east lawn is currently the home of Pinsir. It was the best for me when it was a Magmar spawn, as I farmed enough Magmar candy from there to keep my best one powered up for quite some time.

On the south east corner of Hagerman and Bay is another persistent spawn point. This used to be the home of Pikachu, but it’s become a consistent place of late to grab Sandshrew. Last but not least is the intersection of Albert and James between Old City Hall and the Eaton Centre. It was a prolific nest for Hitmonchan in the early days, though it’s now a nest for Exeggcute.

Nathan Phillips Square by itself isn’t worth travelling out of town for. However, if you’re in the city and you come across this major landmark, stick around for a few minutes to take in the sights, sounds, and a few pokemon as well!

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