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September 10, 2016 / Jett

Pokemon Go Player’s Guide to Toronto: Jack Layton Ferry Terminal

Pokemon Go Jack Layton Ferry TerminalWhen it comes to the most talked-about Pokemon Go hot-spots in Toronto, nothing will ever beat the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. Located at the south end of the city, it quickly developed a reputation for being the best place to catch pokemon thanks to its tightly-packed PokeStops. During its peak, thousands of players from across the Greater Toronto Area would make the pilgrimage to the promise land in hopes of hauling back a king’s ransom.

Unfortunately, the hype got too big, causing real problems with the people who showed up to actually use the ferry. A few weeks ago, a number of PokeStops were removed and the crowds dissipated. Should you cancel your travel plans now? Not necessarily.

Admittedly, I haven’t been back there since its untimely demise. However, despite the nerf, I’m pretty sure at least a few of its redeeming qualities remain.

For example, not all of the PokeStops were removed. Three still remain, two of which overlap. Based on the amount of traffic that I imagine still frequents that area, I bet that there are still lures going more often than not.

Even if they aren’t, this area is still a regular spot for water pokemon to spawn, such as Poliwag, Magikarp, Goldeen, Slowpoke and more. It’s also a somewhat-regular spot for Dratini and a location that gets a few epic drops, such as Gyarados.

Just around the corner from the ferry terminal is Westin Harbour Castle. Besides being an excellent hotel that I once stayed at, it’s main entrance is also home to Pikachu. It doesn’t show up as often as before, but it’s the only consistent Pikachu spawn in the downtown core.

Or, you could head westbound and enjoy the rest of the Toronto harbourfront. There are a number of neat attractions here, such as the Harbourfront Centre, restaurants, parks and more. While you hoard Magikarps for your Gyarados, enjoy what the Toronto Harbourfront has to offer!

Oh! One last note. You could also go to the ferry terminal to actually visit Toronto Island. Home to the Centre Island amusement park, great bike trails and the clothing-optional beach, it makes for a great day trip, even if the pokemon supply is limited. If you get lucky, you might even catch a stray pokemon or two on the way there or on the way back.

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