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September 3, 2016 / Jett

Pokemon Go and the Upcoming Buddy System

In the latest build of Pokemon Go, snippets of code have been discovered that indicate that a buddy system of sorts is on the way. Based on what’s been deciphered from the code, it looks like the game will allow you to walk alongside one of your pokemon so that it can collect candy for its species. This is a brilliant idea!

For one, it’s a strong call to the cartoon, where Pikachu walks beside Ash all of the time instead of resting inside of a PokeBall. This time, though, you can presumably walk with any of your pokemon. There’s even a note for tiny ones, as they’ll sit on your shoulder instead.

Better yet, this solves a fundamental challenge with the game’s current candy system. As of now, the only way to power up or evolve a pokemon is to capture more of that same type. But if I have only one Snorlax, does it make sense to have to run out and capture more Snorlaxes, especially with how rare they are to begin with?

With this proposed new feature, I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to hunt more down. Instead, I can just walk with my Snorlax and the candy it collects along the way will make it stronger. The reward will probably be minimal, such as one candy per kilometer, but that’s fine by me.

No word yet on when this feature will make it into the game, but I’m very much looking forward to it. Pokemon Go certainly jumped out of the gate in a shaky state, though I’m glad that Niantic is putting in the effort to improve the experience. Now when can we get a better tracking solution?

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  1. Snorlax / Sep 13 2016 2:09 AM

    I’m mysteriously strong…………

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