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August 7, 2016 / Jett

Countering Throw Mashers in Street Fighter V

Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed an alarming trend in the online Street Fighter V metagame. As soon as one’s opponent gets close, they mash the input for throw. By doing so, they tech an opponent’s throw attempt, throw an opponent whose blocking, or throw an opponent who tries to attack with a slower move.

As simplistic, flawed and as scrubby as this tactic is, tons of players online are using it to great success. Now that I’m playing in platinum league, I see many highly-ranked players online mashing throw every time they sense an up close and personal threat.

I want to see the community grow beyond this stupid gimmick. I’ve been doing my part to blow people up with counters when I see it, but it’s also worth spreading the word on how to counter a throw masher in Street Fighter V.

Sajam of the UltraChen show put together this great video above that outlines a number of simple options to counter throw mashing. Early on, I was using neutral jump to ferret out a masher, and using the descent to punish them on the way down. However, I oftentimes wouldn’t fall down fast enough to land that first hit.

Since I switched to the shimmy, I’ve been able to punish almost every instance of throw mashing. The technique works so well because the quick step backwards gets you just out of range of their throw. Once you see the throw come out, smack them with a quick combo. In the above video, I did this repeatedly for two rounds until he finally caught on and stopped mashing. By then, it was already too late.

Mashing throw tech only works when the player on the other end doesn’t know how to counter it. In Street Fighter V, there are a number of easy ways to do so. As a community, let’s counter with scrubby tactic in hopes of squashing it out of the metagame, allowing for it to ultimately get better!

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