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August 4, 2016 / Jett

Tips for Rashid Players in Street Fighter V

Rashid is my go-to character in Street Fighter V. While he has a bad reputation among the general player base for his sub-par damage output, he’s a ton of fun to use and a deadly combatant in the right hands. If you’re looking to take a ride on the turbulent winds, maybe these tips will help improve your flight!


Rashid’s pressure game is key to his entire approach

The core of Rashid’s offensive game plan is to lock his opponent down in an extended pressure sequences that can open up opportunities for combos, overheads or throws. One of my favourite strings is:

st. LP > st. MP > st. HP xx EX Whirlwind Shot xx V-Skill roll

If they block the light punch and hit a button anywhere between the medium punch or heavy punch, they’ll get counter hit, allowing you to finish the sequence with a full combo. If they block it, the roll resets your position in their face, allowing you to start the sequence again.

Rashid Pressure StringUsing that framework of initial attack > frame traps > roll reset, you can create many devious mix-ups that include big combos, throws, overheads and Crush Counters. There are so many different ways of branching out his offense within this structure that it can be a nightmare for anyone to stop you. If you don’t already fight using this attack structure, head into training mode and work on a few sequences till you have the pattern down. Once you have a grasp on the structure and how to branch out for throws, counter hits and overheads, you’ll definitely see your opponents struggle to weasel their way out.

Get comfortable with your best sweep-range footsie tools

One of Rashid’s fatal flaws is that his neutral game is pretty poor. When squaring off against the likes of Chun-Li or Vega who fight with long-ranged pokes, Rashid can struggle pretty badly to work his way back inside. I find that his two best buttons in this case are crouching heavy punch and standing heavy kick.

Crouching heavy punch is two-hit attack where Rashid swings downward with both arms. At about sweep distance, it has good range, can be used as the ender of a frame trap, and is cancellable. If it hits, you can quickly confirm into an Eagle Kick for burst damage. If they block it, you can cancel a Whirlwind Shot into a V-Skill roll back into their personal space. From there, you can put them in the blender with your tricky pressure sequences.

Rashid Crush CounterAs for standing heavy kick, it’s a arching dropkick that not only hits from distance, but it also sails over many normal moves in the process, making it great for counter hitting your opponent. Best of all, if you land it as a Crush Counter, you can follow it up with a forward medium punch into Eagle Kick for huge damage. If they block the kick, you’re not in enough disadvantage for your opponent to punish you. Feel free to fish with this button when you’re in the mid-range.

Rashid Spinning MixerKnow which combo ender to use at any given time

Rashid has two primary combo enders: Eagle Kick and Spinning Mixer. The primary difference between the two is that the Eagle Kick does more damage and hits more reliably, while the Spinning Mixer pushes your opponent to the corner while keeping you close to them. I almost always finish my combos with the Eagle Kick out of habit, but I would probably get more of a long-term payoff by using the Spinning Mixer at key points to push opponents into the corner. When the time comes, know which one to use!

Rashid Spinning MixerDon’t get greedy with the EX Spinning Mixer as a reversal

Rashid’s EX Spinning Mixer is a great reversal tool that can get you out of a jam if it hits. However, if it doesn’t, you’re going to pay the price in a big way. Not only do you waste an EX meter, but a savvy opponent is going to smash you with a huge Crush Counter combo.

Normally, I would recommend using a V-Reversal to escape, but I get that many Rashid players would prefer to bank those meters for the tornado. If that’s the case, you’re generally better off blocking the onslaught and escaping as soon as you see the gap in their pressure. You can try it here and there if you think you’ve got the read, but recklessly throwing it out there will get you killed quickly.

Rashid TornadoMake your V-Trigger count

Rashid’s best weapon is his V-Trigger. Launching a slow-approaching tornado that is almost as tall as the whole screen, you have the opportunity to create a devilish mix-up or connect with a huge combo. First, make sure you time it right. If you do it while your opponent is already in the process of attacking you, it’s going to get stuffed.

Two, make sure you have enough space to launch it. If you launch it too close to your opponent, they’ll immediately block it, nullifying its threat. Once it’s out, make sure you do something that’s difficult to stop. Simply using the tornado as a means of extending your standing heavy kick range isn’t going to cut it most of the time. Instead, try and approach them with something that’s hard to block, such as a cross-up, something that forces them to block either high or low, a throw or a combination of all the above. Things can get especially hairy if you can hop over your opponent so that you can sandwich them between your attacks and the tornado. Whatever your plan is, make sure it doesn’t suck!

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  1. nlpaulblog / Aug 5 2016 11:07 AM

    These were really helpful tips dude, great post 😀

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