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July 11, 2016 / Jett

My Experience at Red Bull Fight for the 6ix

Fight for the 6ix is a series of tournaments taking place in Toronto, Canada. After all four events are over, the top scoring player will get to compete with 15 others from across North America for a spot at the Capcom Cup finals. As much as I would like to earn the right to fight against the likes of Infiltration and Tokido for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but getting #1 in one of the toughest Street Fighter regions in Canada is easier said than done.

Instead, my goal is for this event was to validate the work I’ve done since the Cineplex Canadian Championships. In that sense, did I achieve my goal?

Asus VP247Shortly after the Cineplex tournament, I bought an Asus gaming monitor. Ever since I started competing in tournaments years ago, differing input lag between my home setup and the tournament setups has always been a thorn in my side. By buying the same type of Asus monitors used in tournaments, I was hoping to cut that deficiency out of my life.jettftw rashid extended block string

The other thing I wanted to test were the adjustments I made to my Rashid approach. By using a combination of frame traps, his Whirlwind Shot and his roll V-skill, I’m able to pressure my opponents for an extended period of time until I eventually break them.

Red Bull Fight for the 6ixThe event took place inside a lecture hall at the University of Toronto. At first, it seems like a strange choice of venue, but for the most part, it works. There are large screens at the front so that spectators can watch all of the streamed matches. The lecture booth can be used to call out which players should go to which stations. Then all of the desks have outlets, allowing for the easy setup of televisions and consoles.

There were a few trade-offs to this setup. For one, finding a comfortable sitting position while at a gaming station was a bit weird. Sit directly in front of the TV and it’s a bit too close. Sit one row back and you’re quite far from what is a small screen. Also, since the setups were located on aisle seats, the aisles themselves were filled with people, while the seats in the middle were empty. Not only did it not look great on stream, but it was also a pain at times moving up and down the aisle.

My first fight was against VastEnd. A Vega player who finished 2nd at the Cineplex Toronto regional finals, I knew I was already in tough. Primarily because we’ve actually played each other a lot in the past few weeks online. Though I’m capable of beating him, he usually gets the best of me. His heavy use of throws in our set kept me grounded, handily beating me in four straight rounds. Rough start this time around.

Fight for the 6ixNext up was El-Nilo. Prior to the match, he was having issues with the PlayStation 4 recognizing his stick. Eventually, he got it going and I got to fight his R. Mika. In the first game, my lockdown offense silenced the wrestling superstar. However, she came back with a vengeance, stomping me out in game two.

In the final game, half way through round two with me up one round, his R. Mika starts to repeatedly jump straight up. Confused, El-Nilo tells me I’ve won the game, as his controller had just malfunctioned. I felt really bad for him, but I also wanted that win. On top of the that, the type of issue his stick was currently facing was one that wouldn’t be brushed away in a timely manner.

Fight three was against Qelaion. Though the character was only a week old, he went with his Ibuki for the whole fight. I’m sure with more time he’ll get it down, but I was able to beat him without too much hassle.

My last fight was a heartbreaker. Squaring off against Rikir, someone who beat me years ago on stream in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, this was my time for revenge. It was a very back-and-forth battle, where the player with momentum steamrolled the other. The action came to a crescendo at the final round of the final fight, where it came down to last hit. Luckily for him, he landed it. Will have to exact my revenge against him another time, but for now, I must hold that L.

Fight for the 6ixSo did my preparation work out? I think so. Having the Asus TV at home completely changed my warm-up process, as there was no need for me to adjust to the lag. From an execution perspective, that was the best I’ve ever played. Also, overall, it was my best I’ve ever played. I’m notably better now than when I won the tournament in Kingston.

However, I did get bounced and there are some lessons to be learned. Defensively, certain opponents figured out that I don’t tech throws very much. In a game where throws count for under 100 damage, but whiffing a throw can cause you to eat a 300+ damage combo, I generally just take the throw. That gets me into trouble though when my opponent throws me repeatedly.

I also need to work out the kinks in my offensive approach. Players who aren’t banking their V-Gauge for V-Trigger will liberally break out of my strings. Also, there are gaps in my pressure that knowledgeable players broke out of with a well-timed button press. Those are just a few things I need to work on among others.

The next tournament is part three of the Fight for the 6ix series in August. Haven’t decided if I’m going just yet. Might want to take a break or save my appearance for when I make a noticeable gain in my abilities. In any case, it won’t be long before I’m back to fight for the crown!

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