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May 25, 2016 / Jett

Too Many Cinderellas Review

In a story almost as old as stories themselves, Prince Charming has fallen in love with Cinderella. Unfortunately for him, she ran away as the clock struck midnight, and she’s probably not coming back. This is the setup for Too Many Cinderellas, a card game for two-to-four players. Looking to you and your friends for help, what you’re actually going to do is try to convince the heartbroken and confused prince that the woman, man, or cat in your entourage is actually the maiden he met on that fateful night.

The game is played with a small deck of cards, a set of yes and no tokens for each player and diamonds that are used for tracking score. Each card serves a dual purpose. One, it features a Cinderella candidate, along with her rank, picture and fact file. This is represented with a series of icons that describe who they are, such as their gender, age, hair colour, stature and interests. At the bottom of the card is a rumor, which is activated when the card is played. These rumors will be used to narrow down the description of who Cinderella is.

Too Many CinderellasPlayers will start with four cards in their hand as well as a set of yes and no tokens in their colour. On your turn, you will play one of the cards from your hand as a rumor. This rumor may be anything from Cinderella not being a senior to not being a fan of cake. Before the card is set, players place their yes or no tokens face down, then reveal them all at the same time. If all of the players say yes, the rumor is counted as true, players get their yes tokens back and play resumes. However, if one or more players reveals a no, then the rumor and the no tokens are discarded.

Once the entire group has only two cards left, play is end and the cards remaining on the table detail the description of who Cinderella is. If one of your cards meets the description and is the lowest ranked card at the table, you win! If by chance no one matches the description, then the player with the lowest pair of cards wins. In this scenario, the prince doesn’t marry either of your suitors, but you’re at least worthy enough for consideration.

Hate to say it, but the theme is rather charming. I love the idea that the actual Cinderella is gone forever and Prince Charming can be swayed into marrying just about anyone. Having a variety of different women, men and a cat definitely adds to the humour.

Too Many CinderellasOnce you get past the silly stuff, you’re left with an interesting hand management game. You’re going to have to make a call on which candidates to keep and which to play as rumors without having those rumors eliminate one or more of the candidates still in your hand. Also, you have to be mindful of the rumors other people play. You can only say no once, so if you’re going to burn it, make sure you get the most out of it.

Too Many Cinderellas is a solid filler game with a great theme. For a few minutes, you’ll have a good time trying to convince the prince that one of your people is the love of his life. He probably won’t live happily ever after, but if the theme sounds remotely interesting to you, you’ll probably live happily ever after with a copy of this game in your collection.

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