Dreams of Designing My Own Board Game

As my love for board games has grown, so too has my admiration for the work that’s put into making them. Early on, it completely mystified me how game designers jumped from Monopoly to Dominion in terms of game mechanics. Playing more games has opened my eyes to the different types of games, though it’s only impressed me more in regards to how board game designers are able to put cool twists on established mechanics or how they’re able to create something brand new.

Of late, it’s got me thinking about the possibility of designing my own game. I’ve read a little bit online about how to design a game, and the physical act of putting one together can be done with a few craft supplies or stuff around the house. That said, it’s not one’s ability to make a board or cards. The real magic comes from the ability to design a great game.

I’ve had a few ideas for games that have been scribbled down in my notebook. During my peak Amiibo-hunting phase, the thought of creating a game about collecting highly sought after things and the efforts a person would go through to obtain them. At this point, I think that it’s far too big and ambitious for my non-existent game design skills.

Love Letter: Batman EditionInstead, I want to start small. Like, Love Letter small or smaller. Not so much in physical size, but in terms of mechanical complexity. Something with only a few moving parts so that I could focus on refining what’s there.

At this point, I’m waiting for that moment of eureka when an idea just hits me and I instinctively just start fleshing it out. However, I’m not actively working towards anything. My actual desire to work on something is pretty low. That said, with the right idea, I might finally see something to completion.

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