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March 30, 2016 / Jett

I Qualified for the Cineplex World Gaming Street Fighter V Regional Finals!

World Gaming is currently running a Canada-wide Street Fighter V tournament. Starting with online qualifiers and ending with the grand finale in Toronto, players are facing off for a slice of the $25,000 (!) prize pool. As far as Canadian fighting game tournaments go, this is unprecedented.

Of course, I participated. While the road was bumpy, I managed to win my bracket and earn my spot in a regional final!

The way the tournament works is that players choose a home theatre to compete in. The tournament is run by Cineplex, which is the largest movie theatre business in the country. From there, you’ll play in a 32-competitor bracket, first-to-one, single-elimination online tournament. The top four players in each bracket will advance to the regional finals at their home theatre.

With the format being so tight, there wasn’t much wiggle room for error. That said, it also meant that players only needed to win three straight fights to qualify. I was hopeful that I could be one of those people.

My first attempt did not go well. In the first round, I was forced to fight a friend I made recently at the Canada East Championships. It was a close fight, but he took the win and I found myself stunned. I was hyped up for this moment for weeks, only to have it crushed by a friend in two minutes. What now?

Well, there were more qualifiers happening around my province, with the very next one running out of Kingston, Ontario. It’s a few hours away from where I live, but I enjoy that city and it could make for a cool road trip for Steff and I if I won. Determined to move onto the next step, I signed up.

Not only did I qualify, I actually won the bracket! Just a few hours after being overcome with salt, I scored my first tournament win and qualified for a spot in the Kingston regional finals!

I’m so stoked to have earned a spot. It’ll be a great experience to play on the road in a theatre with my action being broadcast. Win or lose, it’ll be a lot of fun. Though I’m really hoping to win, cause that prize money could really help pay for Steff and I’s upcoming wedding!

Between now and the beginning of May, there’s a few things I need to sort out. One, I’m going to need to find accommodations in the city for the weekend. Two, I need a new fightstick. Unfortunately, this tournament only allows for native PlayStation 4 fightsticks and no adapters, so my PlayStation 3 one is out of the question. Three, I need to keep leveling up! Regardless of where I fight, I’ve got to be ready to give my all! Kingston, here I come!

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