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February 27, 2016 / Jett

The End of My Amiibo Hype Train?

Amiibo CollectionOver year has passed and way too much money has left my wallet for Amiibo figures. Though they don’t spend much time being scanned into my Wii U, they make for amazing collectibles on my gaming desk. Looking at my desk, I feel like I got every character I’d want – and a handful I probably didn’t need.

With Nintendo not slowing down on their Amiibo releases, what more could they have in store? I kind have at least one of everyone I want. In some cases, more than one of each character I want. Is this the year where my Amiibo spending finally goes down?

On one hand, I love Amiibo figures. Hopefully they become more useful as actual gaming peripherals, but they make for great collectibles. However, my bank account could really use a breather.

Based on whose left in their current release calendar, the only character I really want is Ryu. As the symbolic mash-up of my two favourite gaming things (Nintendo and Street Fighter), he’s a must have. Maybe I fall for a Fire Emblem character from the new game. But as far as tracking down legacy characters, I think I’m good. Until proven wrong, of course.

For my own sanity, I really hope this is where I can let this Amiibo craze go. I love looking at my collection, but I feel like it’s got everyone I would want. Instead of spending my Nintendo money on Amiibo figures, let me save up for a Nintendo NX instead.


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  1. jsicktheslick / Feb 27 2016 2:23 PM

    I’m kind of the same way. Ryu is already preordered and I think I’ll get a few Animal Crossing ones when they get cheap, but that’s probably it.

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