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February 25, 2016 / Jett

Ranking the Street Fighter V Cast Based on Personal Hype Levels

Street Fighter V Character SelectWith Street Fighter V just days old, no shortage of players will be jumping to conclusions about which characters are top tier and which ones suck. While it’s fun to have the discussion, it’s probably too early to draw any sort of conclusions. Quite frankly, where characters stand on some general hierarchy means little to me, as I’m far more concerned with the characters I use and the particulars I need to know to beat everyone else.

What I present to you is not a ranking of whose the best. This is my personal rankings based on hype levels. Who am most excited to play as? Who do I not want to touch with a 10-foot pole?

1. Rashid

Just a few days ago, he was #6 on this list. But after a fruitful training session with my coworker at his house, Rashid has rapidly shot to the top. He really fits the fast and tricky play style that I generally try to go for. He has his deficiencies against strong zoning characters and big bodies, but he can turn a match around in a hurry if he gets one opening.


2. R. Mika

Never had any experience with her in Street Fighter Alpha 3, but she won me over in a big way with her debut trailer with how fun she looked to play. Coming to grips with her play style has been a bit of a struggle, as I have very little experience with grapplers. However, we’ve been turning the corner of late and having some success together. If I can find a way to overcome R. Mika’s deficiencies against zoning characters, she could overtake the #1 spot.


3. Nash

Nash used to be my dude. From the first time I played him in the first beta onward, he and I just clicked. There are certain aspects to his game that are reminiscent of Rose to me, such as throwing a slow fireball and trailing behind it, as well as his ability to freely flow between playing aggressive versus hanging back and making my opponent chase me. However, I found that him being a popular character has forced me to work harder to win with him. He’ll stay in my rotation for now, though there’s definitely a chance that I’ll take him seriously again in the future.

4. Karin

Didn’t have much interest in her early on, though my interest in her peaked the more I played with her. She has amazing tools to succeed in most match-ups, with her biggest barrier being how difficult she is to play. Having cut my teeth on Evil Ryu in Ultra Street Fighter IV, I think I have the chops to play her with some form of competency.

5. Necalli

In motion, Necalli is one of the most fun characters to watch. His animalistic fighting style flows like a brutal ballet. He’s also insanely dangerous in the right hands, as his potential damage output is insane. Besides all of that, I love using his stomp move in combos, as it’s reminiscent of Evil Ryu’s axe kick. Besides my interest in other characters just being higher at the moment, his short normal attacks are a bit of a turn-off for me. That said, I’ve seen some awesome Necalli players make due with what he has, so he’s someone that’s still near the top of my list.

6. Laura

Things between Laura and I are complicated. She wowed me at first in her debut trailer, but I got really bored with her in training mode, as she seemed like a very simplistic character. Then when we started winning together, I thought she might have been the one. Right now, things have cooled off because I found more success with others in the cast.

Still, I think she’s a character with a ton of potential. However, her biggest challenge is that she’s probably more dependent on hard reads than any other character in the game. The risk reward aspect to her game is a little tough for me to swallow right now, so she is kind of out of my rotation at the moment. That said, at some point I will get back to her and try to make things work.

7. Vega

Initially, I was upset with this inclusion in the game, as there are others of the classic group I would pick before him. However, he’s been dramatically overhauled for the better. Switching his special moves from charge to command inputs better fits his play style, and the stance change stuff gives him a new level of depth to explore. He’s a lot of fun to play, though I’ve fumbled with managing his two different stances. In due time, I’ll definitely make an effort to play him better.

8. Birdie

Birdie is weirdly low on this list relative to how much I like him. Big bodies and grapplers aren’t really my style, but Birdie is a ton of fun to play as. Relatively low barrier to entry and he has some great pokes. He also has excellent damage potential. My biggest gripe with him is that I wish he had a bit more mix-up potential. Also, I’m a bit turned off by his gross looks.

9. Ryu

He’s usually my go-to guy in any fighting game, but I really didn’t like how he played in Street Fighter IV. Particularly towards the end of that game’s life, he was essentially made obsolete by Evil Ryu. This time, Capcom has made sure that he has the tools to stay relevant. Despite that, my desire to play the default guy has cooled quite a bit. I still mess with him from time-to-time, but it’s going to be hard for him to crack my rotation.

10. Cammy

She was one of my favourite characters in Street Fighter IV. How did she fall so far down this list? My reasoning is conflicting. On one hand, I don’t like the particular changes they made to make her different. On the other hand, I think she’s still a bit too similar to her previous iteration. In any case, I’m not all that enthused to play more of the Killer Bee, even if she’s proven to be a capable competitor.

11. Ken

I’ve never been much of a Ken fan. Even though he’s been shaken up a lot in this game, I still have little interest in using him. That said, when I used him in the beta, I did enjoy playing as him, even though I found his stubby normal moves to be a bit problematic.

12. Chun-Li

I used her for a total of 5 minutes in the beta before deciding she wasn’t for me at all. Never been a fan of playing as her, so my hype levels have always been low. However, having grown more accustomed to how the game plays, I am appreciating her play style a bit more. Still, I don’t think we’re a good fit.


13. Zangief

At this point, you’ve probably noticed that I have a bias against the familiar faces. Also, save for R. Mika, grapplers aren’t really my thing, either. Zangief has seen a number of changes that make him different from past iterations, but I have little interest in playing as him. That said, my interest in fighting against him is even lower, as he always gives me problems in every game.

14. Dhalsim

I can’t play as Dhalsim in any game. His stretchy limbs and zoning play style don’t mesh with me at all. Despite how cool he looks now, it won’t be enough to get me to try him for any other reason other than out of curiousity.

15. M. Bison

Has been changed a ton, still have no interest in playing as him.

16. F.A.N.G

New to the cast, F.A.N.G plays an extremely annoying play style that involves zoning, poison and tricks. I’m not interested in this guy at all, especially since I hate his design. Only thing worse is fighting against a good F.A.N.G player that can keep you out. Ugh!

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