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February 21, 2016 / Jett

How to Quickly Gain Fight Money in Street Fighter V (Updated July 3, 2016)

Street Fighter V features a new distribution model where Capcom is releasing roughly one new character per month, starting in March. They’re also allowing for the purchase of individual costumes. In real life, it’s $6 US per character and $4 US per costume, which can add up real fast. However, the game also allows you to earn Fight Money, which is in-game currency that can also be used to purchase characters and items.

Having said that, it’s a grind. You gain 50 Fight Money for each online win, but characters cost 100,000 FM, while costumes cost 40,000 FM. There has to be an easier way than simply winning 2,000 matches for the privilege of earning one free character. If you want everything for free, you’re going to have to put in a ton of work to a point where it’s unrealistic for most players to achieve. There are, however, a few tips for gaining a decent chunk of Fight Money quickly.

Beat the Character Story mode with every character

The Character Story mode, from a gameplay perspective, is pretty abysmal. You only get to play two to four single-round fights against a brain dead AI. If you skip the cutscenes, you can wrap up an individual story in under five minutes. What it’s actually good for is Fight Money. Between beating each character’s story and the levels you’ll gain along the way, you’ll rack up over 100,000 FM in basically an hour’s work. Unfortunately, you only get Fight Money for the first time you beat each character’s story, so this is a resource that is mined very quickly.

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Beat the General Story mode on Normal and Extra difficulty

Street Fighter‘s first attempt at a Mortal Kombat style story mode is not bad. Most enticing of all is that beating it on Normal difficulty nets you a cool 30,000 FM for about four hours of work. After that, you unlock the Extra difficulty, which has a 50,000 FM bounty attached to it. The AI is notably more challenging, though you will likely find ways of cheesing it out. You can also skip the cutscenes, allowing you to get your 50,000 reward in about an hour. These two together net you almost enough to get one character for free.

Beat the Survival Mode with all of the characters on all difficulty levels

Survival Mode isn’t just for unlocking colours and titles. You also gain Fight Money when you win. On easy difficulty, you’ll gain around 5,000 Fight Money per course. Taking about five minutes per course, you can generate another 80,000 or so in under two hours. Don’t play for a high score, as you’d rather burn the points to regain your health and give you a better shot at winning versus saving your points and losing.

The harder difficulties are more lucrative, but they’re also more difficult. The computer is still brain dead, but having to win 30, 50, or 100 single-round fights in a row can be really taxing on your mind and body. Also, it’s maddening when you’ve completed dozens of levels, only to lose at the end and lose all of your progress. This might work best if you have the matchmaking and permissions on, so you can play Survival Mode while taking a break with an online match at your leisure.

If you’re looking to beat the harder levels in a cheap fashion, I find that Rashid works really well. Simply Eagle Kick over and over again until you win. This works on everyone except Ryu, so be ready to do jumping EX Eagle Kicks every time he throws a fireball.


Watch all of the Demonstrations

A few weeks after the game launched, Capcom patched in a series of demos to help teach players. They’re not very good at actually teaching you how to play, but they will give you 500 FM for each one you watch. With about 30 generic ones in there as well as one for every character in your roster, you can easily squeeze over 20,000 FM out of this mode.

Use all of the characters in online matches

Each time you reach a new level with a character, you’ll gain 1,000 Fight Money. As you level up, it’s going to take an increasing amount of time to earn those level bonuses, making characters less efficient at generating Fight Money the more you use them. However, every character starts at the bottom, meaning you’ve got many places to earn a few quick bucks. You don’t even have to be particularly good with every character, as simply using them will help you gain XP towards a new level. If you don’t want to mess up your League Points, then change your matchmaking so that you can play Casual matches with characters you’re using to grind out Fight Money. Also, once you buy new characters, you get a new set of levels to gain with them and more opportunities to earn cash.

This one is going to be tough, as the rewards are still relatively little and your odds of losing are higher when you’re not playing as your main character. However, to a point, it’s easy money. If you need to squeeze out a few quick bucks to top off a purchase, consider going this route.

Partake in other ways of earning Fight Money

Capcom has said that there will be other ways to make Fight Money. We already know that daily goals are on the way, which should allow you to gain bonus money for achieving certain goals in your online fights. This is strictly speculation on my part, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Capcom run special events like a double XP weekend to drive players back to the game. If these do happen, grind it out as best you can!

Make it rain

Realistically, we’re not going to be able to keep up with all of the content that will be released. If you want it all, be prepared to pay for a lot of if out of your own pocket. However, if you take advantage of the easy single player money and are willing to put in some elbow grease with all of the characters, you’ll be able to earn a few extra bucks and maybe a free character or two. Happy grinding!

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  1. Navy / Mar 7 2016 3:16 PM

    Street Fighter V is indeed an amazing version of the game and it’s great to see that you actually took time to cover the various features and aspects for this cool pastime! You have some amazing tips here and making the most of them all will definitely bring the money required to move further! Thanks and keep posting!

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