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November 26, 2015 / Jett

Pick-Up Post: Star Wars X-Wing Millenium Falcon and Slave 1 Expansions

Star Wars X-Wing Millenium Falcon Slave 1

One of the biggest draws to Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures is the fact that it allows players to partake in an epic dogfight with ships from the Star Wars universe. The big caveat is that most of those ships are sold separately and the cost for creating fleets adds up quickly. After picking up the core set, I only bought one additional X-Wing so that our group could play 4-player games. The game made such a good first impression that I decided to fill out my fleets a bit more with two of the coolest ships in the galaxy.

The Millenium Falcon was a no-brainer. As the most iconic ship in the Star Wars universe, I’ve been jonesing to get it long before I even bought the core set. Don’t actually know much about how the ship handles on the battlefield, though I’ve got a lot of time to fighre that out.

One of the consequences of being the only person in my group who owns the game is that I have to buy ships for all of the factions. Sure, I could have stopped with the Millenium Falcon, but my Rebel fleet would have been at a huge advantage. To even things out, I also grabbed the Slave 1. This Imperial ship may not have the same cache as Han Solo’s ride, but being the spacecraft of choice for Boba Fett isn’t a bad consolation prize. Both ships are larger than those that come in the core set, so I’m curious to see what they both have to offer.

Adding two of the most iconic ships to my set is a huge win. It also opens up more combat possibilities and more players if we decide to go 3v3. This might also be a step further into bankruptcy, as collecting these ships isn’t a cheap hobby to keep up. For now, let me enjoy these new ships and we’ll take things from there!


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  1. godirectlytogaming / Dec 3 2015 8:09 AM

    I just recently started getting into this game- the miniatures are definitely expensive and as a rule I don’t love games where you’re forced to buy more outside of the original game, but are a lot of fun to add on for additional gameplay.

    • Jett / Dec 3 2015 11:06 PM

      Thanks for the comment!

      While you’re totally entitled to love or not love games by any criteria you desire, refusing to love games based on their pricing model seems a bit harsh to me. I may not invest much in extra ships due to its pricing structure, but it doesn’t stop me from loving the version of the game I play with the components I have. Maybe we’re actually on the same page and I’m just debating semantics, but I think all games can be loved regardless of their pricing model. Whether we choose to engage with or invest in those pricing models is a different story 🙂

      • godirectlytogaming / Dec 3 2015 11:10 PM

        Ha yea I guess I didn’t represent my point very well- I was more speaking of games where the original is not enough to have an enjoyable game in and of itself. I feel like expansions/extras are great ways to make games better assuming they add to the value of an already good game rather than being the only way to make a game enjoyable. Ultimately Star Wars is a great game without add-one so the extras are a way to make a good game better

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