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November 6, 2015 / Jett

Gaming and the Weak Canadian Dollar

game pricesA few years ago, the Canadian dollar began taking a tumble in terms of value. I’m not going to try and explain why, as the economics behind the values of each currency mystify me. However, it’s impact on video games has been abundantly clear. For a good stretch of time, the standard price of a disc-based game was $60. Last year, that crept up to $70. Now, $80 is the new norm. This might not even be the end of the increases, as the Canadian dollar shows no signs of improving in the immediate future.

Video game prices have gone up by 20%, but my income certainly hasn’t. As such, it’s become very difficult for me to justify buying games at full price. At this point, I don’t even feel comfortable asking for full-priced video games as gifts because the cost of the games hasn’t gone up relative to their value. It’s not like we’re getting 20% more game to offset the price increase.

Unless I can get them on sale or with the purchase of a gift card, I’m not buying an $80 game. Sure, things have been worse in the past, as I still remember the days when certain Nintendo 64 games were $130. However, based on my current financial situation today, $80 just doesn’t make sense.

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