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October 28, 2015 / Jett

Covering Part 2 of the Street Fighter V Beta

I missed most of the Street Fighter V beta the first time around. After an epic fail of a launch, Capcom conveniently rescheduled the beta to fall on a weekend where I would be out of the province. Played as much as I could on the first and last days of the beta, but it certainly wasn’t ideal.

Hoping that I would be fully available for the second go-around, it clearly wasn’t meant to be. Capcom scheduled their four-day beta during a time when I would be away with Steff for a marriage retreat for three of those days. Also, during one of the periods where I could actually play, the power was scheduled to be shut off in my building. Once again, I made the most with the little time I had.

Not having time on my side, it was important to prioritize. Based on how my videos performed last time, I put a heavy emphasis on making combo videos for the five available characters (Karin was scheduled to be released by the time I was gone). As for matches, I decided to scrap the Let’s Play approach to instead record only the matches as-is. This change gave me the time I needed to focus on the combo videos.

Also, it wasn’t important for me to personally level up to become an expert with any one character. Instead, I wanted to cover as much about all of the characters and gameplay as I could so that I could end this beta period with a good variety of coverage for the site. This became problematic for my competitive spirit, as I didn’t have the skills to keep up in many of the matches I played, but winning will come in due time.

R Mika comboPrior to its official launch, Capcom released a limited version of the beta for stress-testing. Only R. Mika and Vega were available, which was more than enough for the time being. On that night, I made the combo video for R. Mika. The following day, Capcom added Necalli to the mix and I made a combo video for him as well. Having that bit of extra time helped tremendously.

Thursday rolls around and the beta is officially on! That is, if you played during the day. What was supposed to be an all-night jam session turned out to be a huge bust, as Capcom pulled the beta down for maintenance. It wouldn’t return until 5am! Ugh. I still had most of Friday during the day, as I had booked it off from work for this very occasion, but I lost a lot of the limited time left.

At 5am sharp, I hopped out of bed and turned on the PlayStation 4. With four hours between now and the scheduled 9am blackout in my building, I decided to focus on Rashid first. By the time the power had shut off, the Rashid combo video was in the can, as were a bunch of match videos.

Rashid comboWhen the power returned at 1pm, I tried my best to cover the rest in the same manner. It was at this point where I realized I spent too much time with Rashid, as I wasn’t going to have enough time remaining to give the others an equal level of attention. With the clock ticking fast, the only way to move was forward versus dwelling on past mistakes.

By 6pm, my time was up. Steff was home and it was time to head off for the marriage retreat. In the can were combo videos five of the six phase 2 characters, an assortment of match videos and a ton of character notes I wrote along the way. I would only play for one more hour on Sunday afternoon to fix a few mistakes in two of the combo videos.

Even though I was only really available for one of the four official beta days, I still got in about 14 hours of playing time. And what a 14 hours it was! The game is in great shape and I can’t wait for the final release in February! Look for more Street Fighter V content to make its way onto the site in the coming days and weeks!

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