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July 5, 2015 / Jett

Thoughts on Star Wars #1 (2015)

Shooting out of the gates with a first issue that sold almost a million copies, the return of Star Wars to Marvel was easily one of the biggest comic events of the year. Though I may be a lifelong fan of the original trilogy, this event would pass me by without a bat of an eyelid. In general, I don’t have an appetite for extended universe content. Sure, I played the heck out of Shadows of the Empire on the Nintendo 64, and there’s actually a copy of the Star Wars: Imperial Assault board game waiting to be played on my shelf, but most of what’s out there isn’t appealing at all to me.

If it weren’t for all of the positive buzz this new series has gotten of late, it would have continued to race through the galaxy without me. Crossing paths with issue #1 at Niagara Comic Con, I decided to spend a few bucks to see what the hubbub was about. To my surprise, it was the most fun I’ve had reading a single issue in quite some time.

This latest trek into comics is being led by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday. Aaron is best known for his time writing Wolverine and the X-Men, while I know of Cassaday from his artwork on Astonishing X-Men. Both of these guys have a solid pedigree and it shines through on this debut outing.

Taking place between Episode IV and V, Rebel forces are continuing their assault on Imperial forces. Starting out as a stealth mission, things go sideways and it turns into a great battle focused around the core group we know and love. Aaron’s writing is stellar, as it truly captured the voices of each character while telling a new tale that blends perfectly with the existing lore. As for Cassaday, the likenesses of the characters and the angles that the action is displayed also feels just right. Together, it read as if I was watching the movie to the point where my head was playing the appropriate music for each scene.

Haven’t decided whether I’ll read this on a per-issue basis or wait for the trade paperback. However, off the strength of this first issue, it’s one that I can’t ignore. Taking place during a period of time I care about, this is hopefully the start of great new stories in a different format with the same characters that I’ve loved for almost my entire life. Can’t wait to see what else Marvel has in store for Star Wars!

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