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July 3, 2015 / Jett

Thoughts on the Big All-New, All Different Marvel Reveal: X-Men Edition

Thanks to a leak of the latest Marvel Preview, we got an advanced look of 45 new Marvel Comics titles that will launch as part of All-New, All Different Marvel. This will take place after the Secret Wars crossover event completes in the summer. Lots to say, so we’ll break it out into different franchises. First up, X-Men!


Overall notes on the X-Men series of titles

In light of the continued drama between Marvel and Fox over X-Men movie rights, there’s been a lot of rumors (and potential spoilers) for what the comic universe would look like in All-New, All Different Marvel. The good news is that they aren’t going away, as multiple X-books have been announced. Depending on how much you read and believe in the rumors, us X-fans are not out of the woods just yet.


Extraordinary X-Men

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Humberto Ramos

Extraordinary X-Men will be taking over as the flagship X-Men title. While the tagline of, “Still hated. Still feared. Still standing.” doesn’t tell us much, we can see that this iteration of the group is a bit strange. For one, it now features Old Man Logan, an older and alternate universe version of Wolverine. It also features a young and time-displaced Jean Grey, who for some reason is no longer with her fellow time-displaced X-Men. If you want to dig further, the team also features a recently resurrected Nightcrawler. Should also note the prominence of what appears to be Terrigen gas, best known for turning humans into Inhumans. Curiously absent from the title is Cyclops, who is said to have disappeared as part of this conflict with the Inhumans.

Not too familiar with Jeff Lemire’s work, though I know of Humberto Ramos through his recent work on Amazing Spider-Man and his past work on Runaways. His cartoon stylings are hit and miss, though if his recent work on Spider-Man is any indication, I should be fine with the look. Fingers crossed that this turns out to be good!

…and that the rumors are false (spoilers).


All-New X-Men

Written by Dennis Hopeless
Art by Mark Bagley

With the final issue of All-New X-Men yet to be released, the big question relating to the time-displaced X-Men was, “Will they get to go back home?” Looks like the answer is, “No.” By the looks of it, the kids are stuck in the present, looking to make the best of their situation. Not sure what happened between the original gang and time-displaced Jean, but she’s now off with the Extraordinary X-Men. I’ve literally only read one issue of Hopeless’ work (Inferno #1 as part of Secret Wars), but that was good, as is the art from Mark Bagley, best known for his time on Ultimate Spider-Man. Very curious to see how they keep the novelty of the old X-Men in the present going!


Uncanny X-men

Uncanny X-Men

Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Greg Land

Based on the lineup of mostly morally gray characters, I’m guessing this will be more of a book like X-Force. However, it somehow got the former flagship name. Not really sure why they used this particular naming convention for this book, but I guess we’ll see soon enough.


all new wolverine

All-New Wolverine

Written by Tom Taylor
Art by David Lopez

Wolverine in Earth-616 badly needed a shake-up. So much so that Logan as we once knew him died almost a year ago. In his place is…X-23? Easily the most popular Wolverine spin-off character or clone, if anyone else was going to take the mantle, she’s the most deserving. I like the character and her regular appearances in All-New X-Men, but I still feel a bit burned by what I read of her first solo series. If this ends up being a resurrection of the Wolverine concept and of X-23, then this could be a double win.


old man logan


Old Man Logan

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Andrea Sorrentino

Previously existing only as part of an alternate universe story, Old Man Logan falls out of the Secret Wars into the new mainline continuity. While he still has the claws and healing factor, he’s also way older and living his life with the guilt that he killed all of the X-Men in his universe. Still have yet to read the critically-acclaimed original, but the two issues I’ve read from Secret Wars have been great. In particular, the gritty art by Andrea Sorrentino has been awesome and I look forward to him continuing to do the art in the new series.


Curiously Absent: Supplementary X-books

Where are X-Force and X-Factor? Or how about X-Men Legacy? Never really followed the tangentially-related X-Men books, but i find it odd that none of them so far have made the jump. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if these will eventually find a home in the new Marvel universe.


Wrapping things up

This new era of X-Men will start in the fall after Secret Wars. Hopefully this is the beginning of a great new era for one of the biggest franchises in all of comics!

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