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June 8, 2015 / Jett

Niagara Falls Comic Con 2015 Recap

Niagara Falls Comic ConTaking place just north of the border was Niagara Falls Comic Con. While Steff and I are no strangers to the Falls, it was our first time heading down there for the convention. Arriving just before opening on Saturday, thousands were lined up around the building, anxious to get in. Though we in Toronto are spoiled with a number of conventions of our own, I was really glad to have gone out of town for this one.

Despite the line’s length, we were inside within 10 minutes of opening. Having stood for hours in the Fan Expo line before, it was a refreshing change of pace. Within the Scotiabank Convention Centre was one main hall with a theatre and a few ballrooms beside it that were being used for panels. It is by no means as large as say, Fan Expo Canada, but for this community, it really didn’t have to be. There were many in attendance, though it never felt overly congested.

Niagara Comic ConJust outside of the main hall was an arcade with over a dozen classic machines; some of which I’ve never seen before in real life. Some of the standouts include Viper, Punch Out, Tapper, Double Dragon, Elevator Action and Pole Position. A part of me is sad that arcades don’t really exist anymore, but it was heartwarming to see how crowded the arcade was. It also helped that games were only a quarter to play, just like old times. We spent about 30 minutes sampling different games and had a great time.

Inside the main hall were largely what you’d expect. Lots of vendors with long boxes and other nerdy merchandise. Must be a regional thing, but there was very little in terms of anime stuff. Conversely, there was an abnormal amount of wrestling stuff. Multiple vendors sold mostly wrestling stuff, while there was a surprising number of people cosplaying as their favourite WWE Superstars. Having that regional difference was nice to see.

Niagara Falls Comic ConOf the scheduled guests, I was most excited to see Scott Wilson, Alfonso Riberio and Howard Scott Warshaw, the maker of E.T. on the Atari 2600. Sadly, the latter cancelled. I did, however, get a good view of Scott Wilson as he was signing autographs on the show floor. Steff and I also sat in on an entertaining panel with Alfonso Riberio.

Niagara Falls Comic Con

My haul was a bit more modest than usual, but that doesn’t mean my wallet didn’t get a workout. Scooped up a copy of Street Fighter Vol. 1: Hadoken for a criminally low $10 when it’s usually $50. Got 40% off cover price for Daredevil: Season One and X-Men: Lifedeath, though I know I could have gotten those a bit cheaper elsewhere. Avengers vs. X-Men Dice Masters are generally hard to come by nowadays, but I was able to snag 10 boosters for only $10. Also got a few loose issues, including the first issue where the X-Men fight Dr. Doom, the Trial of Magneto issue, Star Wars #1, and Web of Spider-Man #32 with the iconic cover of the webslinger rising out of his grave. That last one is going straight into a frame to be proudly displayed in the man cave.

Niagara Falls Comic Con was a great experience. The event ran smoothly, featured enough of the things I was looking for, and featured a great Niagara crowd that gave off no shortage of positive vibes. Really glad to have made it out there for a day and I’d definitely consider doing it again next year!

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