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May 23, 2015 / Jett

Amiibo Story: Gold Mario

Gold Mario Amiibo

When Nintendo first revealed the Amiibo concept, it was inevitable that they would release multiple versions of the same character. As a means of being somewhat disciplined with my money, I’ve set a general guideline for myself that I would only buy one version of a particular character I liked. For certain characters, like Peach and Luigi, this rule should be pretty easy to uphold. For Mario, forget about it. If he’s in any other form than his classic suit, I’m probably going to fall for it more often than not.

What makes Gold Mario so special in the Super Mario universe? Well, not much. You can turn into Gold Mario in New Super Mario Bros. 2 to turn enemies into coins with special fireballs, but that game was awful. Gold Mario is also a unique character in Mario Party 10. Other than that, he’s mostly just a gold spray painted version of the Super Mario Bros. version of the Mario Amiibo with the details in his eyes and hat drawn in over top of the gold.

So why did I cave? Truthfully, I had no plans on snagging him. Since this seemed like it would be presented as a super limited edition item, I figured that it would be an instant “eBay exclusive”. As the pre-order date drew near, I said to myself that I’d only grab one if the opportunity easily presented itself. I wasn’t going to stay up at 3am for the chance of getting one, or refresh my computer all day in hopes that the Gold Mario listing would finally appear.

Gold Mario AmiiboInstead, I got really lucky. As I was about to reach my bus stop, I saw on Reddit that Best Buy had put their pre-orders up three minutes prior. Just like that, I scooped him up and went on with my life. Checking in a few minutes later, he was all sold out.

Now that I have him, do I regret the purchase? Yes and no. On one hand, did I really need a Gold Mario, knowing that Dr. Mario and many other cool Mario variants are on the way. On the other hand, I like having a highly sought after figure that came to me relatively easily. He also looks really cool in person, almost like a trophy. I guess at the end of the day, he’s here now and that’s better than me losing sleep over him in the future.

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