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May 16, 2015 / Jett

Amiibo Story: Peach

Peach Amiibo“Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!”

I have to admit, I never did save the princess in her NES debut. Not for a lack of effort, though, as my attempts at beating the original Super Mario Bros. have come up short. Even as recently as last year, I couldn’t get any farther than world 8-3. She may forever be trapped in that castle, though we’ve certainly shared some great gaming moments together.

My favourite Princess Peach moment is easily Super Mario Bros. 2. As a playable character, she has the distinct advantage of being able to float. There was a brief moment in time where I preferred to play as Toad, but clearly Peach was the best character in the game. It kind of sucked that between this and Super Princess Peach, it would be ages before we could play as her again in a platformer, which I was pretty disappointed by.

I didn’t play much of Super Paper Mario, but I remember getting up to the Bowser and Peach wedding, which was hilarious.

Most recently, she was back as a playable character in Super Mario 3D World. While she was the slowest runner and lifter, her ability to float made her my favourite. I played through the vast majority of that game with her and had a blast. Though she’s likely to be captured by Bowser yet again in future games, I hope she gets more opportunities to be a playable character.

The Smash Bros. version of Peach may be one of the most common in the marketplace, but a defective Peach made with no legs sold for a whopping $25,000. Thanks to this and the double arm cannon Samus selling for what seems like a paltry $2,500 in comparison, eBay is filled with broken or defective Amibo figures that people hope will bring in the money like those did. A few of the defects have gone for a pretty penny, though most of them are really just broken figures that no one cares about. Still, with the precedent already set, people won’t stop trying to sell the next big defect any time soon.

Peach AmiiboMy interest in the Princess Peach Amiibo peaked shortly after I got my Mario. On top of my fond memories of playing as her, my Mario Amiibo just didn’t look right without his soul mate. I almost grabbed her Smash Bros. version, but changed my mind as soon as the Super Mario Bros. Amiibo line was revealed. Since that version of her figurine matches her look in Super Mario 3D World, it made way more sense for me to grab this version instead.

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