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March 29, 2015 / Jett

Comic Content Hiatus

Just over a year ago, I discovered the wonderful medium of comic books and made them a part of my everyday life. During this discovery phase, I wrote about comics a lot. I even dabbled a little bit into video content with the In Third Person Comic Book Show. The comic situation today is a bit different. I still read, though it’s been months since I’ve posted about them in earnest. What gives?

Part of the hiatus is directly related to my current financial situation. With a wedding in the works and unforseen circumstances hitting my bank account in a big way, I had to stop buying comics for an extended period of time. Only recently have I broken my own budget constraints and bought a few, though pickings should still be slim in the immediate term.

More problematic than a lack of supply is my current inability to find a voice when writing or speaking about comics. I started out by mostly writing reviews, a tactic that I’m comfortable doing with video games and board games. With games, I feel like there are a number of different aspects of presentation and gameplay that I can draw upon for material. With comics, I felt like my writing boiled down to me just saying, “I like this comic because the writing was good and the art was cool.”

This isn’t a necessarily a fault of comics as a medium. It’s a personal failing of mine that comes from a limited amount of experience with every aspect of the scene. I can put in the time to become a quality comic critic, but is that enough to make my voice heard in a sea of comic book commentators who have way more experience with reading and writing about comics than I ever will?

When I switched over to the video show, the free-formed nature of it made me feel a lot more comfortable with articulating my thoughts. Some of those videos performed pretty well by my standards, though most of them were lucky to garner 10 views. Considering the fact that most of those 5-10 minute videos took hours to produce, it just proved to be too inefficient of an outlet.

Nowadays, board games and Amiibo figurines eat up a lot of my content creation time, but I still have a comic content itch to scratch. Over the last few months, I have read a decent amount of stuff and want to talk about them in some way. I think at this point, I just need to find the right angle to cover the scene that plays to my strengths as a writer while giving you something entertaining and unique to read. Whenever I figure that out, you can expect to see comic content return in earnest. For now, I’ve got some thinking to do.

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