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March 18, 2015 / Jett

Thoughts on Nintendo’s Move Towards Smartphone Gaming and the Upcoming Nintendo NX Home Console

When I checked out the news yesterday morning, I wasn’t expecting Nintendo to drop the bombs that they did. In one fell swoop, they announced their intentions to move into the smartphone gaming space with DeNA, as well as an acknowledgement of their next home console. Thoughts?

For those that are familiar with the history of Nintendo, they know all about evolving with the times. Having been in business for over 100 years, they started with Hanafuda cards, toys and numerous other ventures before striking it big with video games. As much as they want to control the full ecosystem, the prevalence of smartphones as gaming devices is too large of a market to ignore.

When Nintendo makes the plunge, I really hope they do it right. I don’t want shoddy ports of Nintendo classics with clunky controls. I also don’t want to play games with scummy free-to-play models. Please make games that play to the strengths of the platform and I’ll be a happy camper.

In order to appease the hardcore gamer crowd that would be scared of Nintendo abandoning their hardware business, Saturo Iwata stated that they already have a clear vision for the next home console, which they’ll reveal next year. I’m calling it now, expect the first reveal at E3 2016 and a launch in 2017. As for what the hook of it is and technical specs, that’s all up in the air. They did announce that they’re working on a new account system that would tie all devices together, including PC and smartphones. Maybe something that would work as both a home and portable console at the same time? I’ve seen this theory floated about many times, which would make a lot of sense for Nintendo.

But then again, how often do they go with the decisions that make sense? At least initially? Sometimes, their wacky choices make for the greatest gaming experiences of all-time. In other cases, they’re complete busts. Whatever they end up cranking out, I hope it’s successful enough that they can continue to provide gamers with some of the best games on the planet.

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