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February 22, 2015 / Jett

Amiibo Story: Rosalina

Rosalina is a fine character in the Super Mario universe. I’m not much of a fan of the first Super Mario Galaxy, but I liked her in that game. She was also fun to use in Super Mario 3D World as an unlockable character. My in-game memories with her are admittedly thin, but the chase for her Amiibo was probably the most interesting one yet.

Amiibo shopping continues to be problematic due to demand outstripping supply by a wide margin. If you’re looking for anything but the most common figurines, they sold out months ago online and people more dedicated than you will line up in front of your local retailers for them long before the sun comes up. This holds especially true for the wave 3 retailer exclusives like Meta Knight and Lucario.

For Rosalina, she was a Target exclusive in Canada and the United States. Having Rosalina tied to Target in this country made the likelihood of obtaining her to be the hardest of all. In Canada, Target didn’t have a website you could buy or pre-order items from. Target here also doesn’t do in-store pre-orders. None of that ultimately mattered, as Target would eventually announce the closing of all of their Canadian stores. With that move, Rosalina jumped to unicorn status in this country. I figured that with my chances of getting her were already so slim to begin with, this was the icing on the untouchable cake.

With only a few days to go before the original Rosalina release date at Target, Nintendo announced that the beleaguered retailer would no longer receive the cosmic princess. Instead, the Rosalina stock would be split amongst the other Canadian retailers. The amount of figures didn’t change, but having them spread out to competent retailers that actually had pre-order system at least gave me and my fellow Canadians an honest shot at getting her.

Futureshop would be the first out the gate with theirs. Hours before launch, they announced that Rosalina would go live at 3am EST. I can’t stand it when retailers release Amiibos at stupid hours of the night – something that they continue to do to this day – but at least this retailer was thoughtful enough to give consumers advanced notice. As stupid as it would be for me to lose sleep over this, I decided that this would be my best shot at snagging one.

My alarm goes off at 2:50am. I struggle to get out of bed, but am hopeful that I’ll be back to sleep in a matter of minutes. I set up my computer, access the site, access Amiibo Canada on Reddit and refreshed like crazy. 3am passed and nothing happened. I continued to refresh both the Futureshop and Reddit pages to see if anyone had any luck. Nope. Minutes passed, and the Amiibo search results page continued to show up empty. I’m stressing out over how much longer this process is going to take, but in my heart of hearts, I’m hopeful that this will end soon.

Almost an hour later, Rosalina finally shows up. I click through to the product page and add her to my cart. At least, I attempted to. The process failed, as she managed to sell out in under a minute. After all of the refreshing, lost sleep and self-inflicted stress, she manages to disappear in a blink of an eye.

Rosalina figurines would pop up on other retailer sites, but I didn’t care anymore. Those would also disappear as quickly as they would arrive, with my only hope being that I sit around a computer all day and incessantly hit refresh in hopes that she switches from sold out to available. That, or line up at a store in hopes of getting first dibs without even knowing when any store would actually have them available for sale. Unless you have infinite time and focus to dedicate to the hunt, you’ve pretty much screwed. Even then, you better keep your fingers crossed that you’ll actually come away with the figurines you’re looking for.

Weeks pass and Valentine’s Day arrives. Steff and I normally don’t do anything big, though we always exchange presents. I gave her flowers on the previous day, and on this particular morning I gave her a box of chocolates and a copy of Girls season 2. She gives me a box of chocolates and a shipping box that she just picked up from the concierge. I crack it open and…


I don’t know who she sold her soul to in order to get her, but my excitement level shot through the roof. I already know I have the best fiancee in the world, and she proves it yet again by gifting me with this unicorn of an Amiibo. Because of the effort Steff went through to get this, Rosalina means a whole lot more to me than just about any other figure in my stash. ❤

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  1. gamesthatiplay / Feb 22 2015 7:17 AM

    She sells out in less than a minute because people have programs (bots) to instantly buy them out. Your gf went through a lot of work to get that Rosalina… or she went to a store. 🙂

    There was some nutcase that had a proclamation he’d buy up all the Rosalinas to “destroy them.” I have a feeling he means sell them one at a time. I really think Nintendo will just manufacture more this time next year every year. Like what happens 20 years from now? They’ll run out of versions of Mario and all their top characters. They’ll start putting Rosalina in different colored dresses…. or they’ll just release the same ones over and over again.

    • Jett / Feb 22 2015 9:05 AM

      The Rosalina she got me had English and Spanish text. In Canada, Amiibo packaging has English and French. Maybe she traveled to an American store, but in that case, extra kudos to her for crossing the border for a Rosalina.

      I know that “robots” are part of the hustle, particularly for scalpers. I’m not ready to go down that route to score one of each Amiibo I really like. I think it’s overkill for toys that I’m going to open and ruin their resale value anyway.

      The Amiibo bubble will eventually burst, like virtually everything with perceived collector value before it. Marth is already going to get reprinted. A different version of Rosalina has already been revealed. The end of the port strike will help with whatever Amiibo figures were trapped on the west coast in shipping containers. Even if a small handful of these hold their value over time, I don’t think it’s going to be worth it in the long run to horde and flip these things cause the market will bottom out. And you’re totally right about Nintendo’s involvement in all of this. They have no incentive to support a resale market. They want to sell as many toys as they can, so they’ll just pump out more figures and more variations until they hit saturation.

      The cool factor that comes with having the rare or unicorn figurines is nice, but it’s not hard to remember why I do this. Directly above my gaming/computer desk is a shelf with all of the Amiibos on display. When I look at it, I can’t help but smile and think about the lifelong love affair I’ve had with Nintendo and the entire medium of video games for that matter. Amiibos that trigger the feels in that way mean more to me than any market value ever will.

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