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February 2, 2015 / Jett

Peggle 2 Review

The original Peggle caught lightning in a bottle. For a game with such a simple premise, it executed on its Pachinko-like vision perfectly. It immediately became a staple on my iPod Touch and one that I could always come back to. Hoping that PopCap Games would recapture that magic with a sequel is probably a bit unreasonable. However, I was also expecting more out of a game called Peggle 2 than what’s contained here.

As with any entry in the series, the game requires you to shoot metal balls down a well in order to hit all of the orange pegs before you run out of shots. At the bottom of the level is a barrel that moves back and forth. If you’re lucky, the barrel will catch your shot, giving you an extra ball to work with. With some practice, you’ll get a sense of how to make smart shots that will improve your odds of success, though you’re going to have to rely on some luck in order to get by.

You’ll also have access to special powers depending on which character you play as. Bjorn the unicorn returns from the first game, along with his power to track trajectory after the first bounce. Also with him are four new characters that have their own, somewhat unique abilities. The problem is, outside of Luna, the other three characters have powers that are very derivative of those in game’s past. Jeffrey’s wrecking ball works kind of like Lord Cinderbottom’s fireball. Half of Berg’s power is unique, as forces round pegs to slide about. However, rectangular pegs still stay in place and just trigger adjacent pegs when hit, sort of like Gnorman the robot in this game.

Since there are only 5 masters out of the box, you only get 60 levels, which is notably less than the original game that came out years ago at about the same price. Two other masters are available as DLC at $1.99 apiece, but that only makes the valuable proposition worse. The game includes 60 trial levels to shore things up, though they’re not a great substitute for actual levels.

Most disappointing of all is the lack of innovation in level design. Aside from armor blocks, these levels don’t do much to spice things up. Worst of all, a lot of these levels seem startlingly familiar because they’re either homages to levels from the original game, or simply rehashed levels from the past that have been slightly tweaked to accommodate for the different master powers. By comparison, the free-to-play Peggle Blast runs laps around Peggle 2 in terms of level design, as the first world of that iOS game has more innovative gameplay ideas than the entirety of this numbered sequel.

Peggle 2 is still enjoyable at a root level. It’s still fun to shoot pegs and experience the thrill that comes with completing each level. However, the package as a whole is half-baked, as I can’t forgive it for a lack of content and innovation. Can only recommend this one if you can get it at a discount.

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  1. gamesthatiplay / Feb 2 2015 7:06 AM

    Yay Peggle! I have one of them. Not sure which one.

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