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January 25, 2015 / Jett

Amiibo Double Heartbreak












Two rare Amiibos. Two online orders from two separate retailers. Within the span of a week, all I could do was watch in dismay as both would cancel my orders for Captain Falcon and Villager. Neither retailer could secure enough to meet the demand for either, so they just cancelled my orders and refunded me the money.

I’m really bummed out that I got this far into the purchase process and it didn’t work out, but at least I got my money back. In particular, I really had my hopes up that the Villager from B+H Camera would go through. Oh well, maybe someday I’ll eventually have both in my collection. For now though, I’ll keep hunting!

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  1. INK1ing / Jan 26 2015 5:06 AM

    Collecting unicorns might be easier! Availability here in the UK isn’t too bad but you have to be willing to spend about £20 for each one on ebay. Good luck.

  2. Jett / Jan 26 2015 1:45 PM

    Thanks for the tip! I have certainly looked at importing internationally. I’m not against it completely, as my cancelled Villager order was an import. However, £20 is pushing almost $40 Canadian, and that’s before shipping. It’s better than nothing I guess, though I’m trying really hard to not go overboard on this.

    The world did throw me a bone as I did manage to snag a Pit in store, so my karma with the Amiibo universe is probably even.

    Whereabouts in the UK are you? I visited England a few years ago and love it there.

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