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January 10, 2015 / Jett

Amiibo Story: Fox

Amiibo FoxThinking about Fox McCloud of the Star Fox series takes me back to Toys R Us in 1993. At the time, my local Toys R Us had Star Fox in its Super Nintendo demo machine, and I made a point to play it every chance I got. I never got farther than the first level, but by the end of its run as the default demo game, I could practically ace that first level with my eyes closed. In retrospect, that Star Fox demo ended up meaning a lot more than a few runs of that first level. When I really think about it, that game was one of the major tipping points in me becoming the gamer that I am today.

My interest in owning a Super Nintendo was already pretty high, but Star Fox pushed my hype into, “Can we have a pool, dad?” territory. I wanted to know what happened beyond that first level, which I was never going to get to experience within a normal shopping trip at Toys R Us. Though my parents would tease me about getting me a Turbo Graphx 16 for my birthday that year to the point where I eventually burst into tears, my birthday reached its climax when I opened a large box containing a Super Nintendo with Super Mario World and Star Fox.

I remember playing a lot of Star Fox at home, but only when my brother wasn’t around. At the time, he was about 3 years old, and he was absolutely horrified by the game over screen featuring Andross. That face was the stuff of nightmares for him to the point where he’d start crying the moment he saw the cartridge was plugged in.

By the time Star Fox 64 came out, he was over it. We ended up playing a ton of that game. Besides having a great single player campaign that was easy to play repeatedly in hopes of bettering your high score, it was the first to have multiplayer. At this point, the combat and limited feature set are limited compared to today’s standards, but the novelty of four-player aerial and ground battles was new and fun here.

Since then, Star Fox has been in decline. There was that Star Fox: Adventures game that I never played, which wasn’t really a Star Fox game at all. Then there was Star Fox: Command on the DS, which was immediately off-putting to me. This year, Nintendo hopes to bring Star Fox back in a big way on the Wii U and I’m hoping that the series reaches the heights of its early titles.

My Fox Amiibo came to me as a Christmas gift from JJ. We talk about Amiibo collecting all the time, as he too is caught up in the hunt. Fox is a character that I certainly have many heartfelt gaming moments with, and he is one of the harder-to-find figures nowadays, so I truly appreciate the gesture. Thank you JJ!

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  1. jjmahoney007 / Jan 12 2015 8:03 AM

    You’re very welcome!

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