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January 8, 2015 / Jett

Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men Collector’s Box Review

Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men Collector's BoxOne aspect of the Marvel Dice Masters experience that I really like is the game’s low price point. Starter sets are only $15, while booster packs featuring two dice and two cards are only $1. The problem is that the starter pack is short on supporting materials to play and store the game. The paper bags used to shake up your dice are of poor quality, there’s only one dice placement guide tucked away in the manual, and the actual box itself doesn’t hold many extra dice and cards beyond the ones that it already contains. Clearly, these concessions were made to keep the price down, but some players – like me – would prefer the extra bells and whistles.

This is where the Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men Collector’s Box comes into play. Besides being a nice and large box to hold your stuff, you also get just enough stuff for one player to get going. I crack it open so that you can see if this is worth adding to your collection.

Marvel Dice Master's Collector's BoxInside the box, you’ll get one large printout of the game board. Thanks to its size, it’s certainly functional within the context of a real match. It’s also an upgrade over the small one in the manual, which was buried in the centrefold and constantly trying to close itself. One the reverse side is a large checklist for all of the Uncanny X-Men cards.

Marvel Dice Masters Collector's BoxYou’ll also get one large felt bag. The paper bags that come with the starter set are awful, so this is a huge step up.

Marvel Dice Masters Collector's BoxThe box comes with all of the basic action dice and action cards, but it doesn’t come with all of the dice from the starter set. If you want all of those, you’ll need to buy the starter set separately. You don’t necessarily need to though, as you can also flesh out your collection through booster packs. Pictured here are four booster packs, which give you a total of eight cards and eight dice. Your results may vary, but I got a few common and uncommon cards, as well as one Apocalypse rare that I’m really excited to use.

Marvel Dice Masters Collector's BoxThe key to this box is the tray above. To the left are slots for all of your cards. On the right is a fancy tray that holds well over 100 dice. Up until now, I’ve been using a plastic baseball card case to hold my dice, which isn’t attractive or effective for sorting. This though is ideal. You’ve got a lot of space to work with, and the clear plastic cover (pictured above) goes over top and locks them all into place. In terms of keeping your dice tidy and easy to access, this tray can’t be beat.

The trick to the Collector’s Box is knowing that it isn’t a substitute for the starter set. It doesn’t contain all of the content you’ll need to get a two-player game going, even though I would be willing to pay more for this to be exactly that. However, it does serve its purpose of being a great way to store all of the stuff you already own. If you’re in need of a better storage solution, this is the way to go.

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  1. s0urgr4p3 / Jan 8 2015 12:22 PM

    Nice review, really wanted to check this game out ever since it was released last year. Unfortunately my local game store ordered copies- and were only able to receive two starter packs… now the store despises WizKids and I am left wondering what to do because I also hear WizKids are going to make a “Dungeons and Dragons Dice Masters” in the future…? So that should be fun? Maybe I can have the X-Men fight Orcs and Bugbears : )

    • Jett / Jan 8 2015 6:38 PM

      Thanks for the comment!

      Yeah, availability was a huge problem for AvX Dice Masters, though my area seems to have the Uncanny X-Men stuff in good supply. Yes, Dungeons & Dragons, DC Comics and Yu Gi Oh are all coming this year and are all compatible with each other! I’m personally most pumped for a DC vs. Marvel showdown. Oh man, if Capcom gets in this so that I could do Marvel vs. Capcom Dice Masters, I’d die of joy.

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