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December 17, 2014 / Jett

My Next Ultra Street Fighter IV Project

Because having the #1 ranked Rose, #4 ranked Decapre and #7 Rolento in the world on PSN isn’t enough, I continue to play Ultra Street Fighter IV. Despite my obsessive thirst for points, it’s not really the drug that keeps me here. What really drives my play is the fact that it’s still supremely fun and it constantly rewards players for putting in the time and effort to learn and improve. I’ve had a blast learning the nuances of my three mains, though it’s also been fun to play and learn the characters that haven’t panned out. Since I probably will continue to play this game for the foreseeable future, here’s my short list of characters that may be my future projects.


I’ve thrown this character under the bus more than any other character in the game. Also, dropping him as my main character proved to be the best thing I ever did. Having said that, my ties with the Raging Demon run deep. For the first few years of this game’s life, Akuma was my main man. Having poured in hundreds of hours into him, I built a foundation of knowledge and skills that have blossomed over time, even if I couldn’t push the character very far.

With the skills I’ve developed with other characters, I want to bring those back to Akuma and achieve some level of success. Even now, winning matches with him has proven to be a struggle, but I think I can at least reach B-rank with him eventually. Since I’m already 80% there, grinding out that extra 1,000 BP is the lowest hanging fruit in front of me.


I’ve been a fan of Poison as a character ever since the whole Final Fight censorship issues of the early 90s inadvertently made her gender ambiguous. Unfortunately, things between us didn’t really click in Street Fighter X Tekken, so I’ve been slow to give her an honest try. Having said that, with her popularity quickly rising due to players tapping into her potential, I may push her up the queue.

Right now, I’ve managed to garner about 3,000 BP with a winning percentage of over 90%. That alone should be an indicator of potential, though something about playing as her just doesn’t feel right. Maybe it won’t be the case forever, but I’m not having much fun playing as her, even when I’m winning. Maybe if I put more time into learning her nuances, I can ultimately find the fun-factor.


The original Street Fighter pugilist has been high on my list on my list of characters to play ever since 2009. Back then, it was Gootecks who made busting skulls with Balrog look so cool. To this day, Balrog continues to be one of the most solid characters in the game thanks to his great normal and special moves. What’s held me back in the past was my general inability to play charge characters. However, now that I have a lot of Decapre experience under my belt, I’m curious to find out if I can leverage those charge character skills with him.


Makoto used to suck. In Super Street Fighter IV, she was often relegated to the bottom of many tier lists. Despite that, she was a character that my main training partner Mike and I would practice with. Underneath her flaws was an interesting character who could hit like a truck. Ever since then, a combination of players realizing her potential along with a number of buffs from Capcom have made her a legitimate threat. When Makoto is firing on all cylinders, she’s a devastating force of nature. I would love to be in control of her as she beats her opponents like they owe her something.

El Fuerte

Widely considered to be one of the worst characters in the series, the emergence of Pepeday from Japan has turned El Fuerte from a zero to a hero. People still can’t stand fighting him, but he’s a joy to watch, and one that can be extremely deadly in the right hands. I’ve actually been messing around with the character since the original release in 2009, where I immediately realized that it would take a lot of skill to maximize his potential. I also immediately realized back then that I didn’t have the skills to make it work. I’ve used him a few times recently and that reality still holds true. Maybe someday, with a lot of practice, I can someday have a respectable Fuerte in my back pocket.

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