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December 16, 2014 / Jett

Ultra Street Fighter IV Omega Mode Rose Combo Video

With Omega Mode now out in the wild, I immediately took Rose into training mode to see what was possible. She may not have been changed as dramatically as some of the other characters, though she certainly got a bit more flavour added to her arsenal. Some of the things I try to demonstrate in the video are:

– Opponents are now in juggle state after LK Soul Spiral. I think the only thing you can do off of it is Soul Throw in the corner.

– Forward MP now slides towards the opponent a bit. In Capcom’s official Omega Mode moves list, it’s called Soul Feel. Not sure how practical it is in an actual fight, but you can link from it to score big damage.

– She has a new move called Soul Passing. When someone tries to hit you, it acts as a counter that temporarily stuns them. Not really much use within the context of a combo, but could make for a good opener on an overly aggressive foe.

– Her Aura Soul Spark is different depending on which button you trigger it with. LP activates the usual version, which has been tweaked so that you can follow it up with a Soul Throw. The MP version moves Rose forwards with a multi-hit combo before finishing with the fireball. The HP version starts out with a Soul Reflect before going into the fireball.

– She has a two-hit EX move that isn’t listed in the official move list. By doing the Shoryuken motion with two punch buttons, she does a crouching HP that sends her opponent into the air, and finishes them off with a Soul Throw. This move costs 1 EX bar.

– She also has more range on her slide move, but you can’t combo off of it. As such, it’s not in this video.

Hope you enjoy the video! More Omega Mode combo videos to come!

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