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October 11, 2014 / Jett

The Return of Street Fighter X Tekken?

In a recent interview with, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono had some interesting things to say about the future of Street Fighter X Tekken.

Ono: In Street Fighter X Tekken’s case, if we’re able to get just a little more development budget allocated to the project, I think we might release one more patch for the game. We’ve even got the details of what we’d change in the patch planned out.

Tsubaki: Is that so!? But in all honesty, what I’m hoping for here is a sequel to the game. After all, even with Capcom vs. SNK, it wasn’t until CvS2 that it became a huge hit. Even today it’s still hailed as an incredible fighting game. So I was hoping for a similar development to happen with Street Fighter X Tekken.

Ono: That’s what I’ve always been telling the company too. But at the end of the day, there are just some brick walls that a salaryman can never overcome *laughs*. For instance, if a game doesn’t sell over 2 million copies, then we’d have to put the brakes on any plans for a sequel. All that means is that we weren’t capable enough. And all we can do after that is to reflect on the experience, take what we can learn from it, and try to apply those lessons on some other title.

Having thought that the game died a long time ago, it’s interesting to see anything about it now. Does the franchise deserve another shot?

When it first came out, I was pretty into Street Fighter X Tekken. I still think the core concept of marrying the king of 2D fighters with the king of 3D fighters into one game is worth mining. I thought the way in which the Tekken characters were translated into the 2D world was excellent. They played nothing like Street Fighter characters, which added a wholly new dynamic to the action.


I also really liked how the 2v2 gameplay was purposefully designed to be something in between Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom in terms of offensive insanity. My favourite thing about it all was the inclusion of Rolento. This was the first time I really got a chance to play as and I immediately fell in love with the character. Since Capcom ported him over to Ultra Street Fighter IV, he and I have cracked a lot of skulls online with his big stick.

However, Capcom made all sorts of early mistakes with the title that sealed its fate. The controversial Gem system was doomed from the start, as people quickly found ways to undermine the spirit of competition by exploiting their benefits. Even worse were the paid Gems, which were basically pay-to-win. Many complained about the slow pace of the game, as matches oftentimes ended with the timer running out before a team ran out of health. For me, I couldn’t play Rolento for months, as a glitch involving his knife throw would actually lock up the console.

Rolento Knife Glitch(the game actually crashed when his knife hit any fireball)

Outside of the game itself, Capcom had to put out a number of PR fires. Fans were irate to hear that the 12 characters that were to be sold at a later date as DLC were already on the disc. Most cringe-worthy of all was the incident on their Cross Assault online show where a male host sexually harasses one of the female contestants through a continuous stream of inappropriate conversation.

Needless to say, this game had a lot going against it. Despite their best efforts to clean up all of the messes, including a giant patch that changed the game on a number of fundamental fronts, the damage had been done and players had moved on. I think I held out longer than most, but even I bailed before the release of the DLC characters because I just stopped having fun with the game.

Would I give it another shot with a patch? Maybe. I still have the game, so I wouldn’t have anything to lose. However, I’d be much more receptive to a full-blown sequel. The core concept of mashing these two franchises together is one that I still think holds some weight, and Capcom would be in a much better position to make things right based on all of the lessons they’ve learned with this initial outing. Won’t be holding my breath for that one, but the fact that people inside Capcom are still talking about it at all means there’s at the very least, the slightest of slight chances that it might happen someday.

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