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October 2, 2014 / Jett

Analyzing My Worst Match-Ups As a Rose Player in Street Fighter IV

One of the least talked about features in the Street Fighter IV series of games is the way in which it tracks your progress. Not only does it track your wins and losses, but it also tracks your winning percentage on a per-character basis. This way, players can see how successful their main character is against the rest of the cast.

Over the years, the game has a lot of data around how I play the game. In between Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game, I’ve invested over 2,000 hours of my life into this. In particular, there’s a wealth of Rose data in there that could prove handy. For the purposes of this post, I only took a screen grab of my 10 worst match-ups on PSN, though I don’t think my Xbox numbers would veer too much from this. It’s also a sample size of close to 4,000 matches, so I think this on its own will be good to work with. Let’s check out the skeletons in my closet.

photo(3)In General

I’ve been fairly successful at Street Fighter IV and the record shows. In my worst match-up, I’m still winning 65% of the time. Having said that, these are still my 10 worst match-ups and I should approach with caution. Now let’s break down what’s here.


Hugo, T. Hawk and Zangief all make my bottom 10, with the Russian wrestler taking the very bottom spot. Their high health, Rose’s lower damage output and their reliance on command grabs continues to be problematic for me to this day. The problem, on paper, is that Rose has the advantage in all three match-ups. Used properly, her fireball, long-ranged pokes and anti-air attacks should stifle most offensive rushes by these big men. However, that requires me to use her properly and not try and fight head-on, which I can’t help but doing sometimes. I like to be the aggressor as often as possible, which is hard to do when all three can grab me any time I get close. I have no one to blame but myself for this weakness, and it’s up to me to be more disciplined and attack from afar.

Mix-Up Characters

Blanka, Seth, Rolento, Rufus and C. Viper are part of my bottom 10. In the cases of Rufus and C. Viper, part of their success comes from their rarity in online play. I face off against players of these characters once in a blue moon, and they’re usually good to begin with. Both characters require a hefty investment to be good with them, which further adds to their success.

Still, all of these characters do have a common thread: their reliance on being aggressive and confusing their opponents. As a Rose player, I stand a good chance of winning a fight against these characters if I can stay on my feet and poke them away. However, when I’m knocked down, these characters can be very troublesome. On the way up, she has very few tools to get out of a mix-up. One is to back dash, which can still be read and punished. The other is her EX Soul Spiral, which can now be grabbed in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Realistically, her only real option is to try and block the incoming mix-ups, which is easier said than done. The best solution to this conundrum I think is to not be in that situation at all. If I can stay upright and control the pace of the action, I’ll be in a better position to win.


I dread this match as a Rose player. In close, Balrog’s light punch eats all of her normal attacks. At footsies range, his long punches can snuff or punish Rose’s attacks. From a distance, he can dash punch in and there isn’t much she can do about it. Even the fireball isn’t as viable of an option, as Balrog can simply spin around it with his Turnaround Punch. I don’t really know the answer to this one other than to try my best or pull out Rolento. Otherwise, this is a very uphill battle.


This one surprised me. I feel like I do well against Adon players, but apparently not enough to get him out of this list. Sitting back to think about it, I can see why it shakes out this way. He can get in very easily with his Jaguar Tooth or Jaguar Kick. Once he gets in, he has a distinct advantage against Rose, as his normal attacks are much better suited for an in-your-face assault. Off the top of my head, I don’t really know the answer to this one, cause I didn’t think there was a problem. I guess I’ll have to head to the lab and figure that one out.

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  1. Bix / Oct 2 2014 7:33 AM

    Grapplers are always a problem for me…

  2. Bix / Oct 2 2014 7:39 AM

    Grapplers have always been a problem for me….

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