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September 7, 2014 / Jett

m3gatron427 (Zangief) vs. jettFTW (Rose) in Ultra Street Fighter IV

A 5000+ BP Zangief player immediately decides to take a holier-than-thou approach to Rose’s fireballs by simply blocking them until he loses. He quickly follows up his loss with the hateful message below.

photo(47)I’ll gladly take the free win and the Battle Points, but I won’t accept anyone trying to paint me as the bad guy because I didn’t follow some non-existent set of fighting game gentleman’s rules. It’s people like this who also foolishly believe that throws are cheap and should not be used in any fighting game ever. These gentleman’s rules DO NOT EXIST. You play to win and that’s that. We live in a world where TAC infinite combos in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 are deemed legal by the biggest fighting game tournament in the world. A world where a glitch became heavily used in Capcom vs. SNK 2 because it made the game better.

Furthermore, we live in a world where Zangief can beat Rose! Watch the above video where Aquasilk overcomes any on-paper match-up advantages I had to beat me into submission. M3gatron427’s refusal to fight only further amplifies his ignorance and lack of match-up knowledge.

This is fighting games in 2014. Everything is fair game and anything that isn’t gets patched out. If you want to get under my skin in Ultra Street Fighter IV, don’t throw a match and then send a salty text message as a parting shot. Those childish antics nothing. If you really want to grind my gears, beat me in the game.

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